Monday, December 10, 2012

Relentless: "Mini Beast"

"Mini Beast"
20 Swings

15 Push Ups 
10 SDHP 
100m Run

Rx: 35/53#  
Score: Completion Time. 15min Cut Off. 

This is just like the title says, "Mini Beast". And believe it or not, alot of these movements were done in your benchmark! Lots of reps in these. Again, look and see what they are divisible by. Where can I take the least amount of breaks/breathers? I know I'm not so good on Push ups and I WILL take breaks with where can I make up time? Swings and SDHP (remember to take the extra 2 secs and set up with correct form or else you will feel it the next day) are not that bad either, I can def do those unbroken. Then all I have to do is HUSTLE on the run. Not that bad any more is it? 

Good Luck! 

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