Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Relentless: 2x90sec 1minREST 2x90sec

2rounds - 90sec 
25 American Swings
Max Push Press

-1min REST-

2rounds - 90 sec
25 American Swings 

Max Sit Ups

Rx: 35/53#
Score: Combined number of Push Press and Sit Ups. 

When there is built in rest, there is no reason you shouldn't go all out. Like I have said when push press occurs, don't do strict press. It says push press, that is a blessing! Use your hips/proper form on the American Swings meaning don't try to muscle that bell above your head. Pick a number in your head for push press such as 5, do 5 push presses, breath 3-2-1, perform 5 push presses, breath 3-2-1...you get it! HOWEVER when it comes time for sit ups, those should be unbroken, hands down no questions.

Good Luck!

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