Monday, May 31, 2010


When you cannot cook, you tend to be nice to those that can. Cooking is a skill I REALLY want to be good at. The sad part is I try and still suck, so I just rely on friends that can or those that stalk blogs to share info with me! Sad part is, I have LOTS of fun kitchen gadgets, but still cannot cook. Ben and I met at a dance hall a while back. When I discovered he could cook I took full advantage of it. In the past he has made non paleo dishes. Don't get me wrong they were AMAZING and worth every bite, but now days I have a new way of eating, paleo. Therefore when I asked him to come cook for me last week I told him it needed to be paleo, especially since I had a comp this weekend. Smart man, he researched that way of eating and came prepared. Don't ask me how he cooked alot of this because all my happy butt does is sit on the counter and quiz him about how/why he does if I am going to remember it and cook it again. LOL! The best part is, he cooks enough for dinner and then for me to have the next day...this time I ate pork for a was AWESOME! The food, wine and company was wonderful!! I cannot wait to eat the next dish! Thanks Ben for another excellent dinner!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Daily Affirmation

No lie I totally stole this from Crystal Nelson, but I couldn't help it. What happens if we all did this...daily? It would put EVERY one in a better mood...just think of all the positive energy!! YES!!!!

I challenge you to come up with 5 different positive things that are going on in your life and write them on your mirror using a visa-visa worries it wipes right off! Read these things out loud EVERY morning and see how much better your day is...

Team Awesome!

Thanks to the Trojan Challenge of CrossFit I get to work/coach/train with these 2 amazing and motivated people; Stephen and Ashley. Not only are they highly involved with crossfit doing bootcamp, kettlebells, and On Ramp, but they do workouts on their own...including a visit to Karen Ln...and food log, daily! They have set goals and on track to FLY pass them.
Emily Baker, another AMAZING crossfitter is on our team but she isn't pictured because she had to is sooo overrated.
To the left, is some food Ashley made! She really wants to get all of her veggies in so she purchased juicer and make a mixture and drank it! She also made stuffed bell peppers with turkey meat!
This past Sunday they even came to Karen Ln. to workout. After a good kettlebell workout, I pulled out the sled and we went to town. See videos below (sorry Ash I had to do the one with Steven doing the round off at the end of yours, LOL). For some reason blogger merged the videos...sorry!
Go ahead other jealous...this team isn't just called Team Awesome for any ole reason!!!

Friday, May 21, 2010

I challenge you...

What are you doing Juen 19th? Because if you are not here you are missing out! Come and show me what you got...everyone is doing it...

New at Karen Lane

Well here is the "newest thing" at Karen Lane...sled pulling. When I got my equipment the "package" came with a sled. I thougth I"m going to sale that and use the money to buy dumbbells. I"m so glad I didn't! If I sold the sled...then we couldn't have done this!! LOL

An article by Zack Even-Esh offeres GREAT ideas and more ways to use the sled! Don't forget you are more than welcome to come play at Karen Lane and ride the sled!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Open Mouth...Insert Foot...

For the past couple of years I have had the pleasure to work with an AMAZING group of ladies; Capitol of Texas Team Survivor. . These ladies have not only fought to complete a triathlon (Danskin and Trek) but they all have fought cancer at some part of their life, some even currently. This year I coach a strength/cycle class on Monday nights at The Hills. During the cycle portion of the class I always try to talk about gear and what they are afraid of and what they need to do to over come it or what they are excited about, where to get gear, etc. This past Monday one of my members told me she had a "dumb question". I piped in and said "the only dumb question is the one not asked" in a smart ass tone. She asked the crew when to put her leave in conditioner in her hair; does she wet her hair first then put it in and then the cap or afterwards. My response? I dont know, I don't take that good of care of my hair. She responded with "there was a time I didn't have hair so now that I do, I want to take good care of it". OUCH! Talk about feeling LOW! Next time I better watch my mouth. I wish them only the best of lukcy in everything life brings them including the Danskin Triathlon on June 6th!!!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

MWF 7am

What are you doing MWF at 7am? Is it sleeping or busting your butt at Jack and Adams with a fun crew? Is it eating a processed breakfast and dreading the day or is it putting in effort to make sure you rock that swim suit this summer...then having a fresh breakfast full of nutrients?

7am really isn't that early...let me know where you want to spend it I can help you make the better choice :)

Food Logging

This weekend was the kick off of the Spartan and Trojan challenge. While helping with the Trojan challenge Saturday morning I thought alot about my last I AM challenge. Since I"m a HORRIBLE food logger one of my favorite parts about having a coach was made me turn in my food log and held me accountable for logging as well as eating good. He kept me on track. Yes, I'm very excited about being on this side of the challenge this round I need to be held accountable for my logging and eating. Therefore, I asked Melisa to take on that challenge. Funny thing...she had the same thoughts/ideas too! So 1x/wk Melisa and I will exchange logs and advise each other on how to improve and eat better. This will be a HUGE help for me because she will keep me in line.

My challenge is to you that are not doing any of the challenges. Find a friend who makes you want to be better and exchange logs with them. Sit and discuss. Y'all can share ideas and help each other stay on track! Now go log!!!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Karen Lane

As a few of you know, I have moved into a house...with a garage. Since I only hav one car, what else am I going to do with all the extra space, hummm? Well what else would a workout nut do with all the space....personal garage gym for me and my friends! This couldn't of come at a better time. Due to scheduling, Crossfit took a week off which left me with only The Hills to workout, but that still means battling Mopac (ugh). Since I had a few pieces of equipment I was able to still workout with very few modifications! I did the .com workout most days, then Melisa joined me one day and we did our own thing, then Jess joined me on Friday for Filthy Fifty. When recovering from min and Jess's workout...I got to meet my neighbor's kids! Because my med balls are orange and were sitting outside for the wall ball portion of filthy fifty...after I finished I looked up and there was this little girl in my drive way staring at the med ball. Her mom walked over and explained to me she thought it was a pumpkin. So cute! The little girls brother enjoyed hanging from the rings of my pull up bar cute! I hope to have everything organized by the end of this week, so feel free to join me in a workout any time!!!
My mom thinks that my garage needs a name. Since I have a stolen "Karen Ln." street sign in my garage, that I couldn't seem to let go of from when someone stole it for me in high school (yes I went through that stage), Jess suggested I should name "it" Karen Lane. Melisa thinks it needs to be something tougher, but for now its Karen Lane.
Oh and thank you Matthew for letting me use and abuse you and your truck so I can have a 4x8ft marker board to hang in my garage to write on!


On April 23rd I attened the Level 1 Crossfit Cert in Dallas! This was a lot of fun and helpful. It wasn't only helpful for me as a coach but as an athlete as well. I was taught, corrected and encouraged to fix things to help myself and others.

Any ways before I left I got a set of Toni Robbins cds from Lisa. I'm still currently working through these but it was a really AWESOME thing to have on the road...except for the part where I had to write goals, some how I managed and I can always go back and listen to the CDs. This has a whole other blog post written all over it...that was a warning.

I arrived to Amanda's casa late. After a short visit it was off to dreamland to see what Day 1 held. I was up and at 'em to find the cert location...then coffee. Lucky for me, and according to my GPS Crossfit Strong was 1.8mi from Amanda's casa. I found coffee then went back. We got set up and started. There was lecture and movement. I did soooo much with a PVC pipe it was crazy...not to mention rough on the muscles...who knew an 5ft 8oz 1" could make me hurt so good! LOL! Any ways...before we broke for lunch we did a tabata squat workout. My score was 20, my highest number was 21 and that was the first set for those that understand tabata workouts. We went to lunch then back for more learning, ending the day with "Fran"...21-15-9 Thrusters and Pull-ups. Shoot me....however I did create a new PR for Fran of 4:28!! As Chuck, one of the cert leaders explained. When you are in a gym, what is the "manly qustion" that determines your status? Correct me if I am wrong but its "whats your bench?" I right? For those that don't crossfit, the "whats your bench question" is "whats your Fran time?". After that I head back to Amanda's to study and recover.

The next day was full of more lecture and movement and a team workout! Then a test! I think the cert went well. There are some minor things they could improve on, but I will save that for them. As you can tell by the title of this entry, I passed my cert and I'm officially a Level 1 CrossFit Trainer!!!