Thursday, December 13, 2012

Relentless: "EASY DAY"

7min AMRAP
3 2 handed shoulder Press 

6 Jumping Lunges
9 Sit Ups

Score: 1 Round = 18 points.  
Rx: 35/53# 

EASY DAY! The reps are low and the movements are easy. On the 3 2 handed shoulder press, do not waste energy trying to be a rockstar and shoulder pressing that bell up. Use the dip drive. When that bell comes down, go ahead and start the dip part of the next rep. NO REASON these shouldn't be unbroken. The only thing that MIGHT get tough is the 6 jumping lunges. Those should be unbroken, its going to suck but get through them. IF and only IF you have to break them up, sets of 3 without question. I expect LOTS of rounds from everyone! 

Good Luck! 

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