Thursday, May 24, 2012



I posted this every year for a reason! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE drink water!

This past weekend I went out to Marathon, TX with my family to run my 3rd Marathon. I did 16 weeks worth of training for this event. I left Thursday morning, so I could get use to the 4,040 elevation. After my 2 mile run on Friday (to get the feel of running in that climate), the parents and I drove around Big Bend (BEAUTIFUL) getting out to walk and take pictures (meaning I was not sitting for hours on end). I ended that night with a great pasta dinner that was served for the runners.
Saturday was the marathon. I got up and ate my usual race day breakfast 1/2 bagel (carbs), 1tbs peanut butter (fat/little pro) and a banana (potassium). I had the right equipment...gels, water pack, hat, etc. The race started at 8am with a shot gun on the side of the highway (literally) and we were off. I felt fine even running into a head on wind of 20mph. After my parents getting breakfast at McDonalds they stopped at mile 6 to take pictures. Then they were off to mile 9. I opend my first gel at mile 8 and quickly put it down. At mile 9 I exchanged water bottles with the parents; the bottle I handed off was 1/2 full. I wouldn't see them till mile 15. I started feeling a little woozy, but just figured it was okay b/c I was running a marathon, into the I started to chew on my tounge (it took the thought of the pain in my legs to a different part of my body). I wasn't sweating, so I thought, therefore I didn't think I was that was I wrong!
I don't remember anything really after mile 9, so here is what I was told that happend. I did another water bottle exchange at mile 15 then when I passed mile 16 I was staggering and drooling and bleeding from the mouth (from biting my tounge). The people at the water stop set me down and I was not responding, I had passed out. My parents car wouldn't start for some reason, and after getting a jump at mile 15, they drove passed and mom said "aww look a runner is down" and then noticed it was me and said "That is my daughter!" (I wear a bright colored hat so my parents can see me) My dad rushed out of the car and him and another wonderful runner (who gave up time to help) put me in the car. Daddy stopped and asked a sheriff where the EMS was and they said that they were coming to get the girl who was down. Daddy quickly replied "she is in my car!" then he drove 96mph the 10miles to the finish line where EMS then took over. They gave me oxygen and iced my body to get my temp to drop (BP 140/90). I wasn't able to respond for a little bit. They kept icing me down and trying to give me fluids to get my temp down. Some fluids stayed, most didn't.
When I finally came to I was unable to move my limbs VERY SCARY I might add. After a lot of questions I discoverd that I didn't drink enough water. As you know water makes you tinkle and if you know me, you know that I don't want to even take time to slow down to tinkle, therefore I didn't drink the proper amount of H2O. This was the STUPIDEST decision I have ever made in my life. I cannot stress enough to you to drink water...especially if you are active.
The city of Marathon has some wonderful people living there. Everyone rushed to help me and was very nice about it. Even a girl who ran the 1/2 jumped in the back of my dad's car and helped take care of me (she was a nurse from ATX). She squirted gatorade into my mouth everytime I needed a sip. I have the best parents a girl could ask for! They were there for me every step of the way and doing everything they can to help me. I am VERY lucky.
This was a VERY scary experience for me and a very good lesson. Yes, this kind of thing CAN happen to you, no matter who you are or how active you are. Please take care of yourself and

Friday, May 4, 2012

Spiceworks Mile Run Results

This past Wednesday the Fire Breathers of Spiceworks took on the mile run benchmark! These folks train HARD...hints why there are so many PRs! For example...

Jeff....4 sec PR
Al....20 sec PR
Greg...1 sec PR (1st timed mile since his 3rd knee surgery
Cindy...31 sec PR
Ted...11 sec PR
Julie P....1st timed mile = PR
Julie S...1st timed mile = PR
Josh....1st timed mile since knee surgery in December = PR

I would say the mile was again another HUGE success!! Congrats to all my athletes, y'all are AMAZING!!!