Thursday, December 20, 2012

Relentless: "12 Days Of Christmas"

"Days Of Christmas" 

1- broad Jump
2- Cleans
3- Clusters

4- Game Standard Push Ups 
5- burrrpppeeeessss
6- Super mans
7- Single Arm OH Press

8- Russian Twist
9- American Swings 

10- Jumping Lunges 
11- Sit Ups
12- Squat Cleans

Rx: 35/53#
Score: Performed just like the song! Completion Time. 

This is one of my favorite WODs! Its performed like the song! You will always do 1 broad jump. For this one...JUST HAVE FUN!!! Then make your own and have your family do it on Christmas Morning :) 

Good Luck! 

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