Thursday, April 22, 2010

Attention Non-Crossfitters!

ATTENTION NON CROSSFITTERS!!! For those that do not was/is your April going? Were you consistant on your workouts? Did you stay on track with your way of eating? Did you have a great group or buddy to work out with? Did you have an awesome coach/trainer who pushed you to do not only your best during the workout, but checked your food log and took your body comp and was just available at all times to help YOU get better? If you crossfit this is what you could have participated in:
  • Nutrition meeting Tuesday April 13th at 12:15pm and 7pm at CrossFit Central & April 14th at 7pm at RunTex
  • Bring a Friend competition- The client who brings the most friends in the month of April wins a free month of boot camp.
  • Trigger Point Thursday April 15th at 12:15 and 7pm must rsvp under events on MBO!
  • Affiliate team tryouts on Saturday April 17th. If you don't feel like you are ready to try our for the CrossFit Central Team then come out and watch it is sure to be spectacular! We will announce the times one week before! Three workouts in one day!
  • Project Mayhem registration opened on Monday at noon- only 50 spots available! Ladies, I realize this is not for you, but just in case you want your hubby, or boyfriend, or friend to jump into some CrossFit on a Friday...this is your chance!
  • TROJAN CHALLENGE- Details found HERE.
  • CFC BBQ and Hooverball @ Northwest park on April 23rd! Bring your family and come out and have a good time! We will provide the meat and you bring the Paleo sides you have been bragging about! We will see you all there!
  • SPRING CLEANING- The last week of April there will be no classes. We are doing a week on rejuvenate, restore, replenish! Be prepared to check out our nutrition meetings focusing on Cleanses, Ph balancing, fasting, intermittent fasting, and finding balance from within. As well as, stretching, trigger point, and yoga! We will have Nutritionist, Carly Polluk, here to give you more incite into eating a quality diet! These events will take place April 26th and 27th and the morning of the 28th! Be prepared to start your cleanse!
    UTB on April 24th
  • Complementary CFE Endurance: every Wed at 6AM with Melisa Rehm and every Thurs at 6PM with Eric Wood at O'Henry Middle School Track. Take Advantage of this... great way to get better at the thing you love so much!

You might want to do some serious rethinking...what can Crossfit do for you? Ask me...

Weekend Plans?

Whatever you have planned this weekend make sure you are a part of this!! On Friday, April 23rd, CrossFit Central will host the 2nd Annual Hooverball Tournament and Barbecue Block Party at CrossFit Central (Map). Come out and join us for a night of fun, competition, and great food! The raffle will be held at the Block Party and you won't want to miss the great prizes donated by CrossFit Central's coaching staff. The proceeds from the raffle will benefit the Polymath Kids and Youth in Motion Foundations. Ask your coach for the availability of any remaining $25 raffle tickets.

What to bring to the Hooverball Tournament and BBQ:
• A side dish (make it healthy!)
• Beverages of your choice
• A lounge chair
• And of course...your A-Game!

Hooverball & BBQ Block Party LOCATION CHANGE!2nd Annual Block Party will now be at CrossFit Central, Friday April 23rdAll other details are the same!

This summer is the start of CrossFit Central's non-profit organization called Polymath Kids. This foundation with rewrite the book on how we engage our youth in healthy living. The organization will support Summer Kids Camps that empower our youth thru CrossFit, community service, mentorship, and leadership workshops.

In order to help launch the organization and our Summer Kids Camp we are asking for your participation thru the Polymath Kids Raffle. Each raffle ticket costs $25 and all items raffled are worth $150-300 in value! HERE is a partial list of items being raffled. Think about what sport -CrossFit - mentorship - has done for you and how you can help give a child that same experience.

If you're interested in supporting this cause please make a small donation or I will have tickets with me this week (cash or check only)

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Thanks Lisa Klein!

On Tuesday April 13th my 5:30am Crossfit class took on "Bear". Whats the Bear Complex? Well it is the following:

*Do 5 rounds increasing weight each time*

7 Reps without letting go of the bar: Squat Clean to Overhead,Backsquat to Overhead

If you are thinking "ouch" you are correct. With the encouragement from my classmates and coach I was able to attempt 95lbs. I struggled when bring it into overhead from the backsquat, but I had no fear from trying. Having this fear lead me to "tweeking" my neck a little. By the end of Tuesday I was unable to look in my blind spots. After I trained one of my clients, I went insearch of a therapist but they were all booked (becuase they are awesome). I went back to work for a little bit then on my way out I spotted Lisa Klein, a therapist at The Hills. Lisa just passed her cert and is able to offer this service. I have known many who have been taped and swear by it. I always thought there is no way a few pieces of tape placed a certain way can make you feel better. However on Tuesday I was open and willing to try anything to fix my pain. She placed me on her table and pressed on a few places and discovered it was my left upper trap that was injured. I picked a color of tape and she taped me and in 10mins I was out the door. No joke by Wednesday I started to gain more range of motion in my neck by Wednesday evening I was able to look in my blind spot no problem! I thought WOW, this is AWESOME!!! I left the tape on there till this past friday, only taking it off because I attended an event on Friday evening and I didn't want it to show (bright blue tape under a cocktail dress wasn't really that cute). Click here for more info about Kinesio Tape. Also don't hesitate to contact Lisa Klein at She is a Nationally Certified Kinesio Taping Practitioner (CKTP).

Happy Birthday Duke

I cannot believe that Duke is already a year old. When I brought him home May 30th (now known as "Duke Day") at 7 weeks old, 12lbs I knew he would be an awesome dog. Now one year old and 80lbs he is still awesome and the love in my life...not to leave out SPOILED ASS ROTTEN! LOL! There are times I think my parents love him more than me! I am looking forward to many more years of spoiling Guinness Duke of Pierce! GB Gave him a pool full of toys! I'm anxious to see how he does when there is water in it this summer! He loves his GB!

Easter 2010

There are no pictures of me in my dress. BUT there are pictures of my sweet baby boy going through his Easter Basket...sorry but I have to share....