Wednesday, June 30, 2010

301 Congress

I may have scratched my car not once but twice in the parking garage, but I keep going back to teach. The 1pm-1:45pm class at 301 Congress ROCKS! Not only do they have to put up with me and my crazy ideas and equipment. They work in the morning, then come workout with me at 1pm then quickly shower and head back to work to finish our their day. Then alot of them go home to kids...WOW is all I got to say! If you are in the area and want to attempt this class let me know! Here is what these ladies have to say about the class:

FREE Core Class...

The ground is hot, your mat is hot, your water is hot and you cant stop sweating, but you are smiling and wanting more. You ask yourself whats the next challenge? How many reps? Bring it! This is a common response you might recieve when you ask one of the 60-100+ people that attend the FREE core class at Jack and Adams Monday nights from 5:30pm, "How is that class".

See what Phil has to say:

I am all over the place coaching, encouraging these fabulous people keep moving, push for one more rep. I'm loud and full of energy!
All you need is a Mat (yoga mat/towel/box/etc), Water (LOTS), and Positive Attitude...get there early for shade and or parking!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Trojan Challenge 2010

This weekend was the final workout of the Trojan Challenge 2010. It was held on the Westlake High School Practice Field. The workout included:
3 Rounds:
20 American Swings
20 Snatches (10R/10L)
20 lunge pass throughs
20 Burpee
You had 6mins to complete each round and there was a 2 min recovery between rounds. Meaning this was 24 mins long. The quicker you finished, the more rest you got. While this might sound easy, trust me it isn't. You get winded FAST!
During this challenge I got to coach 3 wonderful people; Stephen, Ashley and Emily! Even though Ashley was injured part way through, she still offered GREAT support and did what she could to participate! Stephen and Ashely and I not only developed a coach/athlete relationship but we are all friends now! They even come to Karen Lane to workout. Below is Stephen's Success Story:
When I started crossfit back in April I weighed 270lbs, wore size 42 pants and had a bf% of 30. Seven weeks ago I started the Trojan challenge weighing 244,21%bf, and wearing size 38w pants. I am now a size 34,my bf% is 15 and I weigh roughly 230lbs. I attribute a lot of this success over the last several weeks to my new diet. Paleo/zone was differet and difficult at first but well worth it. Not only did i see a difference in my size but also in me general health. I felt much healthier and energetic throughout the day. I also have been doing indoor classes the last few weeks 4 days a wk and complimenting them with kettlebell classes and Trojan workouts. Of course my true inspiration/motivation has been the new friends and coaches I have earned through crossfit. The two main people who push me to strive for excellence are my best friend Ashley and my coach Karen. As if all the other exercise wasnt enough we had a few extra workouts in KPs garage. Then there were the food logs. Ashley kept be accountable before I ate and Karen afterward. I feel great and can't wait to push myself to even further success and greater fitness.

Let me know if you are intersted in having this kind of sucess with your workouts!! In the words of my brother, "This could be you".

T/Th 5:30pm Brentwood

What are you doing on T/Th at 5:30pm? Well these ladies are improving their way of life by attending 5:30pm Brentwood Rentless Bootcamp with me! Even though we have only been together a few weeks, I have seen major improvements in their movements and coordination. They all walk to the bootcamp (carrying their mats and water), give me 100%, and walk home. All with a positive attitude. What coach could ask for more?

I'm enjoying coaching this group and cannot wait to see them progress as we move forward! If you are intersted in joining contact me so you can come try it out!

1st Pic is Nancy working on Thrusters...

Pics 2 and 3 are of Dorothy working on Shoulder Press

Okay so he isn't a bootcamper but he is really cute!

Thank you Melisa for joining and taking pictures this day!!!! Melisa teaches a FREE Crossfit Endurance class at night at O'Henry Track! Go Join her...its for all levels...and with Melisa you are guranteed a good workout!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


I know y'all are tired of me telling you to drink water. Or making sure we have a break where you can get a sip of water. Well below is my deyhdration experience. I had someone go into my myspace account and steal this off my page because I cannot remember my password. Dehydration isn't fun or something to take lightly. Please make sure you are getting in enough water, plus some. The first sign of dehydration is being thirsty.
"The Marathon I won't remember, but the experience I won't forget"
This past weekend I went out to Marathon, TX with my family to run my 3rd Marathon. I did 16 weeks worth of training for this event. I left Thursday morning, so I could get use to the 4,040 elevation. After my 2 mile run on Friday (to get the feel of running in that climate), the parents and I drove around Big Bend (BEAUTIFUL) getting out to walk and take pictures (meaning I was not sitting for hours on end). I ended that night with a great pasta dinner that was served for the runners.
Saturday was the marathon. I got up and ate my usual race day breakfast 1/2 bagel (carbs), 1tbs peanut butter (fat/little pro) and a banana (potassium). I had the right equipment...gels, water pack, hat, etc. The race started at 8am with a shot gun on the side of the highway (literally) and we were off. I felt fine even running into a head on wind of 20mph. After my parents getting breakfast at McDonalds they stopped at mile 6 to take pictures. Then they were off to mile 9. I opend my first gel at mile 8 and quickly put it down. At mile 9 I exchanged water bottles with the parents; the bottle I handed off was 1/2 full. I wouldn't see them till mile 15. I started feeling a little woozy, but just figured it was okay b/c I was running a marathon, into the I started to chew on my tounge (it took the thought of the pain in my legs to a different part of my body). I wasn't sweating, so I thought, therefore I didn't think I was that was I wrong!
I don't remember anything really after mile 9, so here is what I was told that happend. I did another water bottle exchange at mile 15 then when I passed mile 16 I was staggering and drooling and bleeding from the mouth (from biting my tounge). The people at the water stop set me down and I was not responding, I had passed out. My parents car wouldn't start for some reason, and after getting a jump at mile 15, they drove passed and mom said "aww look a runner is down" and then noticed it was me and said "That is my daughter!" (I wear a bright colored hat so my parents can see me) My dad rushed out of the car and him and another wonderful runner (who gave up time to help) put me in the car. Daddy stopped and asked a sheriff where the EMS was and they said that they were coming to get the girl who was down. Daddy quickly replied "she is in my car!" then he drove 96mph the 10miles to the finish line where EMS then took over. They gave me oxygen and iced my body to get my temp to drop (BP 140/90). I wasn't able to respond for a little bit. They kept icing me down and trying to give me fluids to get my temp down. Some fluids stayed, most didn't.
When I finally came to I was unable to move my limbs VERY SCARY I might add. After a lot of questions I discoverd that I didn't drink enough water. As you know water makes you tinkle and if you know me, you know that I don't want to even take time to slow down to tinkle, therefore I didn't drink the proper amount of H2O. This was the STUPIDEST decision I have ever made in my life. I cannot stress enough to you to drink water...especially if you are active.
The city of Marathon has some wonderful people living there. Everyone rushed to help me and was very nice about it. Even a girl who ran the 1/2 jumped in the back of my dad's car and helped take care of me (she was a nurse from ATX). She squirted gatorade into my mouth everytime I needed a sip. I have the best parents a girl could ask for! They were there for me every step of the way and doing everything they can to help me. I am VERY lucky.
This was a VERY scary experience for me and a very good lesson. Yes, this kind of thing CAN happen to you, no matter who you are or how active you are. Please take care of yourself and

Monday, June 14, 2010

Keeping Relationships

This blog post has NOTHING to do with fitness (well other than the pic of Clay and myself doing handstands). I just wanted to stress the importance of "Keeping Relationships". Now I'm not talking about boyfriend or girlfriend relationships. I'm talking about friendships. No I don't talk to these people every day or even once a week, but we are always happy to see each other when we do get to see each other. They all know they can come stay with me whenever they are in ATX (or wherever I am living). This my friends is what I call keeping relationships. Being able to pick up right where you left off and always greeting each other with a smile.

This weekend I was blessed to have been able to see and spend time with my old friends and when doing the math (and looking at these pictures) I have been friends with these people for some time now. I had my wonderful mother send me some pictures that she had saved on her computer from as far back as she can remember of me with these friends. However, since digital pics came around during my senior year, I don't have pics on the comptuer from the many years before the pictures shown. All of these boys have been a part of my life since 9th grade, when I moved to Beaumont.

In addition to these friends my best friend from high school, Brittany Bryant, informed me Sunday she got accepted into Physical Therapy School at Sam Houston. Congrats Brittany you will do fantastic!!!

Below is Nathanael Deem, his lady friend Tara (whom I think is wonderful, along with her son) and his daughter Zoe. Deem has served in the Army for many years. He did a tour or 2 and kept in touch with me (and my sorority sisters ;) via letters, phone calls and emails. He has a beautiful daugher, Zoe, who is growing way to fast. She is now 7 y/o. Deem contacts me every time he comes to Austin. I even was blessed to have them stay with me Thursday and Friday night...Thanks Z for the cupcakes!!!

Below is a pic of Clayton Manzer. Clayton is AMAZING, not only because he is a recent crossfitter and has had great success with it, BUT because he is a true friend (not that these others are not). Clay is a Beaumont Fire Fighter and yes ladies, he is single :). Clay and I have kept a strong friendship for many years. He even came up and was my formal date for when I was in college doing the sorority thing (great date I might add). I could go on and on about how wonderful Clay is, but you get the point. The first picture is of me on Kyle's shoulders (see below) and Clayton is the blonde on the far left. This is us in Arkansas visiting Kim, the girl on the far right...whom is still my sister to this day! My next reunion with Clay and Kim is already planned for this August!!! He has a precious baby girl, but I don't have a pic of her to post :( The pic of us doing the handstands was taking this past Friday night when we pumped iron together at CrossFit Beaumont!!! Love you Clay, thank you for being are amazing!

Meet Kyle Morgan (above). After Kyle graduated in 2001 he went into the Marines. Not only did he serve numerous of years for our country, he did 2 tours before he turned 21 y/o. Kyle always has my back and will look out for me. He might be redneck, but he is a good one to have on your side. The first picture you see above is of Kyle (left), me and Deem the man I spoke about before this. The middle pic is of Kaizer (spell?), Kyle's son. How cute is he all dressed up!! I have seen many of pics of him but this weekend was my first time to meet him in person...precious! The last pic is of Kyle and me Saturday night during a wedding I attended and he happened to be in it (not the groom).

A little out of order, the man in the pics above is Trey. When eating at Jason's Deli in Beaumont (where Jason's first started I might add) I ran into him and his girlfriend Amy! Trey is one of the goofyest people I know (well maybe him and McDermand are tied...old friend). Trust me, it is always good times when Trey is around...99% of the time you are laughing so hard you almost pee yourself. The first picture of us in red is our senior twirp where I took Trey as my date. Still friends!

Mr. Matthew Withers....I saved this one for last, all I got to say is how many of you still speak/get along with/happy to see your high school sweetheart? 2

Saturday, June 5, 2010

New Addition to Karen Ln.

Well here is the newest addition to K-Ln. made by Karen herself :). These are called Parallettes and you to can make some! TRUST ME...if I can make can too! Below are a few pics of Melisa and myself playing on mine! The list of things to do on these things is endless! I am even taking my to bootcamps. why should just K-Ln attenders have this much fun! Let me know if you are interested in coming to play!

Regionals 2010

Well last weekend I attended and competed in the South Central Regionals 2010, which was held at GSX Athletics in Fort Worth, TX. It was exciting, nerve wrecking, crazy, fun and hot (I'm sure there are many more words to insert here)...and I loved every min of it! Well If you didn't follow the competition on SicFit, I'll give you the brief run down.

These first few pics are of me performing Saturday's first workout which went ast followed:

Individual event 1 - Snatch/OHS
10 Bars will be set up for men and women – 20 total per heat.
Weights for the men’s bars:135/145/155/165/175/185/195/205/215/225
Weights for the women’s bars:75/85/95/105/110/115/120/125/130/135
At each station athlete must complete:1 Squat Snatch with 2 Overhead Squats or 1 Power Snatch with 3 Overhead SquatsAthletes will have 45 seconds to complete all three movements. Athletes will have 15 seconds between stations. Athletes will finish the workout when they are unable to complete all 3 movements within 45 seconds.

I made it to 95lbs, but as you can see I didn't get 105lbs as planned but I am okay with that and plan on doing better and improving my snatch. I just gotta remember to drop under the bar! Needless to say this workout didn't last long.

Later that day, came the following workout:
Individual event 2 - Weighted half Cindy10 Minute AMRAP of:
5 Pull ups
10 Push ups
15 Squats
Men will be wearing a 20lb short weighted vest
Women will be wearing a 10lb short weighted vest.

Cindy" is one of those rough crossfit workouts that you dread but like the challenge. It is AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible) in 20 mins of the above minus the weighted vest. It was as rough as my picture shows. LOL! I got ten rounds in during that 10 mins. Afterwards you just drop to the floor and pray someone is there to get your vest off you. That thing feels alot heavier that 10lbs LOL! However I don't think this is the end of my weighted vest training...maybe an addition to K-Ln!?

Above is the 1st workout on Sunday. It went as follows:

Individual event 3 - DU/DL/SBR/RowFor time:

100 Double Unders

3 Rounds of:

10 Deadlifts(275/185lbs)

1 Sandbag run(75/50lbs)

Then row 1K

Yep...this one wasn't any easier! 185lb deadlift should be a breeze...NOT! LOL! It as rough! never thought it would be after double unders! I was predicting the sandbag run to kill me...that as recovery! WOW!

Well I finished the day with ATTEMPTING the finalworkout, Sunday evening:

Individual event 4 - Final EventFor time:

10 Muscle Ups

15 Handstand Push Ups

20 Squat Cleans (155/105lbs)

Run the Block

Since I cannot do a muscle up I didn't make it very far. I just ended up with a massive blister on my left least I knew I had the grip right! Muscle ups are my trouble spots...ugh! However I have a goal to get them by July! Fingers crossed...

All and all the weekend was AWESOME and I LOVED every min of it! I do need to send a few showouts: Thanks to my AMAZING friends and cheer section, Melisa, Jess, CP and Crossfit Central. And a big ole congrats to Jen for taking 3rd and Jess for taking 4th qualifing them to go to the games as well as the Crossfit Central Affiliate Team for taking first place! And last but not least all the other athletes that lifted...y'all are all such an inspiration to me and give me such great motivation. It is a joy not only to work with you but lift next to you...thank you!