Monday, January 30, 2012

Meet Emily!

Meet EMILY!!

I saw a picture of myself from a party in December 2010 and realized I was spiraling out of control. The smoking, drinking, unhealthy eating, and no exercise had caught up with me.

I signed up for Relentless Athletic Training in January 2011 along with the 8-week Trojan Challenge to jump start my goals. My coaches, Megan Parsons and Jessica Clark, had a contagiously positive attitude and my class was full of support.

Since joining Athletic Training, I have seen tremendous improvements. Not only did it inspire me to quit smoking for good, but it allowed me to prove to myself how strong I truly am.

I have learned the value of pairing nutrition with exercise; ran an entire mile without stopping in 9:17; increased my kettlebell weight; and most importantly, I have not removed my I Am Relentless band since joining the club, because it is a daily reminder of all the milestones I’ve met and the ones still left to accomplish.

I have lost 15 lbs and gone from a size 14 to a size 8!

Relentless Athletic Training has taught me I can do anything. I realized my body was strong enough if only I could get my mind to keep up.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Meet Michelle!


I never thought anything would rate higher in my life than saying I am a marathon runner and an Ironman Triathlete until now. Before Relentless Athletic Training, I was an endurance junkie. I was “content” with my body, and I thought I could only be more fit if I was training for another marathon or an Ironman. My diet consisted of whole grains, low fat dairy, lots of fruits and veggies and some lean protein. I was active and healthy but didn’t feel great and thought this was as good as it was going to get.

I was invited by an existing client to one of the free workouts. I loved it instantly. The workout was challenging, fun, different and there was this energy that is hard to explain, but it was contagious and I wanted to be part of it.

I thought I was in pretty good shape before, but I was shocked by the results! I lost 15lbs and 4% body fat within 6 months.

Relentless Athletic Training has changed how I perceive fitness. I used to be obsessed with getting in the hours/miles. I am faster, more fit and overall spend less time working out. Physically, emotionally and mentally I feel stronger and more confident that I ever have. After a class I always have a smile on my face as I am driving home. I feel alive, youthful, proud, eager for whatever comes next. I love the relentless community, my class inspires me – I look forward to seeing them even at 6:30 in the morning! I am also lucky to have one of the best coaches,Megan Parsons, who I also now call, friend. She has become such a great friend and inspiration.

Challenges have come my way, some by choice others not by choice, but either way facing them I feel more resilient than ever before. I have a new and improved zest for life and it shows in all that I do. My favorite part about Relentless Athletic Training is there is always something new to learn - a new move, a new technique, new facts about nutrition, new running form, etc.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Fittest Games

This weekend was THE FITTEST GAMES...and it was AWESOME!! This year it was held at The Yard, which turned out to be PERFECT! Like all of Crossfit Central's events, this one was ran BEYOND smoothly! I was VERY impressed with all the communication, volunteers, and organizers of this event. You want to learn how to run a good event? Talk to Ingrid! Because of my qualifying placement in the 2011 sections, I got to lift in the "Pro" division...that in itself made me feel good...I was labeled "Pro"! Anywho...the day went like this...

“The Combine” (WOD1)

6 minute cap

Pro Shuttle (3 attempts, 2 min)

Broad Jump (3 attempts, 2 min)

Max Distance Med-Ball Throw @ 20/14 (3 attempts, 2 min)

When people asked me how I did after the 1st WOD...I responded with "silly and very white". LOL! Athletes literally ran, threw and jumped. Little did I know, I did pretty darn well in my shuttle run...placed 1st!

“Log Jam” (WOD2)

7 minute cap

1 RM Log Ground to Overhead in 4 miuntes

2minutes rest

Max Reps OHS @BW in 1 Minute

I was able to get 105# on the log and over my head. The bar was loaded to match my bodyweight...I got it up and over my head a few times however moving down wasn't happening...that day. As you can see from the pic my feet are uneven and my hands are VERY narrow, as if I didn't move them out at all! Note to on movements where the bar is overhead....

“The Muster” (WOD3)

1-5 Muscle Up + Dip (Women: Muscle Up)

5-1 Thruster @135, 155, 185, 205 225

How this WOD went is you did 1 muscle up, then 5 thrusters, 2 muscle ups and 4 thrusters, 3 muscle ups, 3 get the drill. In the past, if I would have looked at this WOD I would have flipped because of the Muscle Ups! This time I looked at it said, "They are mine! I'm NOT looking at the rings any more, I will and I can get at least one today". I cannot tell you how many times I said that to myself that day, over and over and over. I was determined. I have spend way to many competitions looking at those rings and not getting a single muscle up. TODAY WAS DIFFERENT! I waited in the stands next to check in and watched the 1st heat. Some women got them, some didn't. I decided in my head I didn't want the end rings because there were 2 rings next to each other. When I lined up for my heat (heat 2), what do you know, I got put on the end...I think that was God's little joke, he knew I was going to do well...haha! Jeremy said "3-2-1 GO"! I grabbed the rings and HOLY COW I DID A MUSCLE UP! After a quick celebration, I ran over to my bar knocked out all 5 of my thrusters quickly because I wanted to get back to muscle ups...where in the world did that feeling come from? I have never wanted to face MUs in a comp before. I always avoided them. NOT THIS TIME! I got 2 muscle ups, then 4 thrusters...I was on a high, on cloud 9! I know I wasn't moving as fast as the other girls but I was getting muscle ups in a competition...I didn't care!! No joke I did a "happy dance" after every single one...and the happy dance started out when I locked out at the top of the rings! I will NEVER forget this moment...this is accomplishment from hard work, dedication both physically and mentally. It brings good tears to my eyes just to write about it. I made it all the way to the last set of muscles ups. Did I finish the WOD, I care, no...I GOT 1o MUSCLE UPS IN A COMPETITION!! THAT IS A 10 REP PR!!!! The video below is from a stranger in the stands who filmed it for me. What a GREAT community!

“Bulls on Parade” (WOD4)


C2B Pullups

DL @335/225

Box Jump-Overs @24/10

The Last WOD was a doozy! Chest 2 Bar is not really a strength of mine. HOWEVER I got 12 unbroken C2B pull ups during this WOD....another PR!!! I have never done that before! Even with deadlift being my strong/boulder move/lift, 225 was still heavy for me...I didn't go unbroken. And yes you read that right...jump OVER a box. Just when box jumps were getting decent we had to jump OVER the box. This WOD had a 7min cut off and I finished in 6:57, thanks to Carey Kepler who came over and highly encouraged me to HUSTLE if I wanted to finish!

Overall...this competition was GREAT! The location, the smoothness, the community, the volunteers, the athletes...if there was a glitch in the system, no one knew about it! SO AWESOME and smoothly ran. Well done Central...well done!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Meet Greg!


One of my Fire Breathing Spiceworks Crew!

Prior to the Relentless Athletic Training Classes I was running and taking indoor classes at CrossFit Central two times a week. Running always made my joints hurt, especially my knees and hips.

When I joined an Athletic Training class, I felt like I got a better aerobic workout than running without having the joint pain. The combination of heavier weights in the indoor classes and the aerobic high-rep style of training in Relentless classes really began showing dividends.

Since joining, I have lost 13 lbs, shaved 45 seconds off my mile time and my overhead press has improved by 30%!

I brought Relentless to Spiceworks because I was hooked on the style of workouts from CrossFit Central's indoor classes and wanted to add something with my co-workers that we could do as a group. I knew they would all like it a lot and boy was I RIGHT. We now have 15+ athletes after 6 months or so… and everyone LOVES it!

I really enjoy the workouts everyday. I never know what it will be like, but I do know I look forward to them now. I believe it really strikes a cord with me on having an extremely fun workout during the day that improves endurance as well as builds strength. It’s a great combination and we love Coach Karen Pierce!

Greg is the ringleader of the crew, for many reasons. He is a strong positive motivator for all athletes in the Athletic Training Class. He is a great example for all athletes on and off the blacktop. His 3 knee surgeries hasn't slowed him down (45 sec mile PR between the 2nd and 3rd knee surgery) OR prevented him from going up in kettle bell (he is now at 45#KB from when he started at 35#). Greg has never brought anything negative to the blacktop. He is a stellar athlete on and off the blacktop and a strong part of Spiceworks. I'm a VERY fortunate to be able to Coach him!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Houston 2012

Once again my family and I took on the Houston Half Marathon and 5K! In 2007 this was my first marathon. My family chased me all 26.2 miles. Each year we say NO CHASERS. This is the 2nd year that has happened, and I couldn't be more proud! The past few years have been a lottery for this race due to the popularity. My mother was the only one who didn't get into the Houston Half, so she registered for the 5K, with the plans of getting a bib later as it got closer. However the big man up stairs knew of other plans. During my parents training, my dad discovered some nerve issues in his neck causing him to have 4 vertebra fused together on Dec. 27th, 2011. Due to his drive and determination to get better he walked the Houston 5K with my mom. My Uncle, Aunt, Cousin and myself completed the Houston Half Marathon.

Before we all walked out to get into the line to start the race, we were all sitting around chatting about the race, doing some minor stretching, these 1 of the 2 ladies standing around made a comment, "Man it looks like y'all have done this before". We all kinda chuckled and shared our history with the Houston Marathon. Turns out it was these 2 ladies 1st half marathon. In conversation, we discovered they had EACH lost 100lbs AND one of the ladies husband's had also lost 100lbs. I was blown away at this, but not near as much as the other lady informing us that today was the 2yr anniversary of her double mastectomy. This blew me away! Here I was a little nervous about the fact that I didn't train for this race/run and I was just praying to get through it without walking. This lady has lost over 100#, celebrating her 2 yr double mastectomy anniversary with her FIRST half marathon. This stayed in my head as I ran. I observed the people around me and thought about what their story was. There were people of all shapes and sizes out there, I saw a guy with a missing leg (forgot the medical term) running his heart out. As I ran I found myself mentally thanking everything that made this possible for me (especially since I didn't train for the race/run). I started off thanking the good Lord. He provided AMAZING weather for us to run in. He gave me my health to be able to do this. He gave me my family that supported me through this. I could go on and on here. I thanked my family for the mental support. I would have let go of my endurance abilities and missed it, if they didn't keep signing up to run in these events. Their kind words at the beginning and end of the event are needed. I thanked my dad for his mental state that even being injured it isn't going to slow him down. I can only PRAY I inherited some of that. I thanked crossfit and my crossfit family for my physical stated and for pushing me and keeping me in top condition so I can pick up and run a half marathon with my family at the drop of a hat. I cannot say it enough...THANK YOU! Pierces you make me proud...

Monday, January 9, 2012

Meet Lori!

Meet LORI!

I have been battling diabetes for 23 years and could not find the balance between diet, exercise, and insulin. Growing up I was never athletic and diabetes kept me away from physical activity. Four years ago I started running and loved the way I felt, but I could never run without a big drop in my blood sugar. I have run 3 marathons but never felt physically fit to take it to the next level.

My Relentless journey began 6 months ago with a visit to my doctor for diabetes. As I am sitting in my doctor’s office with tears of frustration and the scale tipping the heaviest I’ve ever been at 172lbs, I was open to anything. My doctor asks if I heard of the Paleo Diet…

My good friend, Coach Kat Grosshaupt, introduced me to FUEL 21. In 21 days, I saw great success but knew there was a missing piece to the puzzle. That is when I found Relentless Athletic Training. By combining the Paleo lifestyle and Relentless Athletic Training, I have experienced success beyond my wildest dreams! Since joining Relentless I am a completely different person on the inside and out. I have lost 22lbs, 2 dress sizes, dropped over 10% body fat, and 13 inches!

I am setting goals, breaking barriers and accomplishing things I never thought I could. I am stronger, leaner and more confident. I now work out 4 times a week without any problems. My blood sugars are the best they have ever been. In a period of 3 months, I have shaved 4 minutes off my mile time, 3 minutes off my 5K time, and in January I plan to set a PR on my marathon time.

My class, “Wilke Warriors,”and Coach Kat Grosshaupt, are an amazing group of people. Due to their constant support and encouragement, I have accomplished huge physical and mental feats.

I am a CHAMPION because of each and every one of you!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Meet Tiffany

Meet Tiffany!

Prior to joining my Relentless At Work (RAW) class, I would walk/run, or do Pilates videos at home. I never did anything with gym equipment, nor did exercises that really pushed my limits.

When I first joined the corporate wellness program at my company, Statoil (previously Brigham Exploration), I was intimidated by the workouts. I had never worked out in a group setting and had no clue what to expect. I did not play sports, nor did I consider myself in any way an athlete. My confidence was low, but I had a desire to be more fit and healthy.

The results I’ve seen by sticking with the Relentless At Work program are incredible! I have lost 7.25 inches and 15lbs and went from a size 6 to a size 2!

I feel great and never dreamed I would be this fit. I am stronger and push myself to beyong my previous limits.

This year I competed in the Iron Belle competition at CrossFit Central and won the Stiletto Stampede!

I’m proud of myself and how far I’ve come. I now exude confidence in and out of the work place and look for the next challenge.

It’s a great perk to be able to go workout over my lunch hour. The 45 minutes is a stress reliever from work. It helps me to mentally focus the remainder of the day, and it is FUN.