Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Relentless: BENCHMARK!!

2mins American Swings

1min REST

6min AMRAP
10/10 Clean And Press
10 Game Standard Push Ups

Rx: 35/53#
Score: Number of American Swings + AMRAP Score (1rd = 40pts). 

Relentless Athletes, you should know exactly what you did last time and your single goal is just to beat that time. Do whatever it takes to make that happen...even if it is just 1 more rep, it will sill be better than your last time! In the swings, have correct form. Your arms are just vehicles for this, don't try to use them to get the bell above your head. Its all in the hips! As for the 6min AMRAP, just move. Like I have said before, when I see 10 reps...I think 10...then I see 2x5...then I see 1x3 and 1x2. Use that to get through your rough spots. You have done this before, JUST MOVE!

Good Luck!

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