Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Everyone PRed at Spiceworks...

I love the mile run Benchmark, and deep down I'm pretty sure its my athlete's favorites as well! This benchmark creates the most team camaraderie out of all the other benchmarks. It is the shortest yet most effective. The PRs are valued greater...athletes ALWAYS know when this benchmark is. I LOVE IT! My Firebreathers took the cake on this one...EVERYONE that ran that day PRed on their mile run, I'm NOT kidding...if you ran, you PRed!! A few mile benchmarks ago I encouraged my stellar friend Rabah to come out and run the mile with this crew. He ran in college and I thought they could use a little "push". And he, Rabah, gave that and still does just that. Running under a 6min mile on this VERY hilly course he keeps the crew going not just in the mile but in the other WOD’s as well. This time around, some of the Spiceworks athletes recruited Colin Carroll to come run the mile with them (Honestly I think it was a prank for Rabah, LOL). Colin is a very nice gentleman who runs a 2:30 marathon...and is predicted to WIN the Austin Marathon this year! Yeah, not kidding! That day, Colin ran a 4:59 mi, pushing Rabah to run a 5:37 mi creating a domino effect on the crew with everyone PRing!

Megan 10:56 to 8:27
Marcy's 1st time = PR (7:53)
Jeff 6:30 to 6:16
Judith 7:53 to 7
Cindy 7:49 to 7:45
Katy 7:35 to 6:57
Ted 6:42 to 6:07
Misha walked 800m because she is #PregoFit and we are so PROUD of her for still coming out!!
Sally 9:20 to 8:10
Catherine's 1st time = PR (9:08)
Josh 7:26 to 6:46

I am super proud of this crew and the bond they have created! I cannot wait till the next mile! Well done Spiceworks!

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  1. Colin was the real deal...and so was everyone else especially Misha!! #pregofit #firebreathers