Thursday, November 22, 2012

Cold Bar Concept

This awesome concept/method (call it what you will) is something I picked up from my Strongman Cert with Hybrid Athletics....If you are looking to add certs to your list, this is one of them. During our Q&A post lunch, Rob Orlando talked about the "Cold Bar" concept. His example was he wanted to get better at bench so he set up a bar loaded with something he could do in his sleep; cold. Where he didn't need warm up, he could walk down to the basement perform 1 rep and walk away. He would leave the bar set up and perform this periodically through out the day. Nothing more than one rep. He said he would do any where from 1-15 reps per day on random. In just a few weeks his bench press drastically increased. For me, I am going to do this with C2B Pull ups. I'm not the best at them so doing more than one makes me roll my eyes, LOL. Therefore if I can do 1 rep multiple times through out the day (I have no excuse because I have a pull up bar at my casa and both the gyms I train). If I can just do 1 rep, then when I see multiple or Max UB I won't roll my eyes as much!

What is your goat? Where can you apply this concept?

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