Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Godai Recap

This past weekend was Godai Elements Competition put on by Crossfit Central at TSR! According to the description this competition, "This one-day event will feature tests of constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity across broad time and modal domains using the elements of the Godai and the 10 General Physical Preparedness Skills.". It did just that too! This year was partners and I partnered with the one and only Rach, my BFF! We had a BLAST...we always do! 

Let me walk you through the day...I picked up Rach at 5am so we could check in and get a "spot" to set our stuff. We warmed up and got ready for WOD #1! 

WOD 1: Water + Earth (45 min cap)
-400m Swim + 5K Run
1) Partner A will swim 400 meters around Goat Island, exit the water and 
TAG Partner B.
2) Partner B will then run a 5K.

There was no battle who was going to swim and run. Rach having swam in college and can teach a rock to swim, she swam and I ran. Which is awesome because I'm not a fan of being cold and wet. According to Rach the swim was rough and involved swimming/crawling through clay. However she did a dang good job, finished and tagged me for a 5K run! Having an endurance background this was no problem for me. What I wasn't use to is the terrain that we ran on. I'm use to asphalt ..none ankle breaking opportunities. We made 3 laps around the facility (each lap = 1mi) on all different terrain. I enjoyed this actually! 

FLOATER WOD #1: Trampoline!! 
Athlete A had to run across 3 trampolines, back tag athlete B and he/she had to run across 3 trampolines. I laughed the WHOLE time doing this. We called time at 43sec! 

WOD 2: Fire (15 min cap)
-HS Walk + Monkey Bar + SandBag Getups + Double Unders1) 

1) Partner A will Handstand Walk from the start line to their waiting partner and TAG Partner B.

2) Partner B will cross the Monkey Bars. Partner B MUST use each rung on 
the Monkey Bar (no skipping of rungs). You MUST cross the Monkey Bars 
without dropping. If you drop, you must return and try again. You will 
have 3 attempts to cross the Monkey Bar. When you have successfully 
crossed the Monkey Bars (or after 3 attempts) both partners will move to 
their work station.

3) At your work station, both partners will complete:
-5 SandBag Getups (90#/60#) & 50 Double-Unders Each
*Partner A then Partner B
-4 SandBag Getups (90#/60#) & 40 Double-Unders Each
*Partner A then Partner B
-3 SandBag Getups (90#/60#) & 30 Double-Unders Each
*Partner A then Partner B
-2 SandBag Getups (90#/60#) & 20 Double-Unders Each
*Partner A then Partner B
-1 SandBag Getups (90#/60#) & 10 Double-Unders Each
*Partner A then Partner B

This was our "worried" WOD. Rach isn't the best at DUs, however she didn't back down, she said bring it on and practiced her heart out. I began and walked all 30ft, lifted her to the bars, she flew across them. I was the first on the SB/DU. That SB was awkward and wasn't easy. I know there were times when I felt like a turtle on my back. However, I knew the faster I moved the more time Rach had to do DUs. After I finished my 1st round, it was Rach's time! She flew through the SB no problem. Then out of now where she completed 50 DUs!!! She had to break them up but she did 50 DUs. I think she got a total of 20 during the hour she practice before the WOD. We moved through the WOD and finished in 14:45 which means we had 15sec to spare! Not bad for a team who thought they were not even going to get through the WOD! 

Floater WOD #2: Keg Carry (90sec cap)
Athlete A carries 3 kegs (1 at a time) from cone to cone, tags athlete B and he/she does the same thing. Every keg carry is a 30sec deduction off your final time. Women's Kegs were 100-80-60#. You had to carry heaviest to lightest. This was set up on the beach on the opposite side of the comp. I'm glad we did this WOD before we did legs didn't work well after WOD3. I was up first. I carried all  3 kegs, Rach made it through the 100# and half way through the 80#. Therefore we go 2mins off our final time!! SCORE!!! 

WOD 3: Air (10 min cap)
-Sled Relay
Each Partner will take turns pushing the dog sled:
-50 ft. down and back.
-100 ft. down and back.
-150 ft. down and back.
-200 ft. down and back.
-150 ft. down and back.
-100 ft. down and back.
-50 ft. down and back

Humm yea...this was a leg burner for sure! The weight was sled however much that was was heavy! LOL! I was really looking forward tot his but it wasn't as easy as I had hoped for to be honest with you! There was this hill/incline thing! 

WOD 4: Void (15 min cap)
-Pull-ups + SandBag Squats + Toes 2 Bar
Teams will complete:
-150 Pull-ups
-150 SandBag Squats
-150 Toes 2 Bar

Oh WOD4...What isn't written in the description that I posted is that while one person was performing movements the other person had to hold a 60# SB. So while I was doing pullups...Rach held a 60#SB. If she dropped the sandbag, we both had to do 10 burpees before continuing to next rep/movement. We were rocking along alternating between pull ups. We had 20 reps left...Rach is on the bar and she goes to kip and due to a lose grip her feet go in the air, she legs go of the bar and falls FLAT on her back, then BOOM her head hits. I drop the sandbag and rush to her. The medics meet me there to check her out. While they were asking her questions, I did 10 burpees which was the penalty if you dropped the bag. Bless her heart, Rach got up grabbed the bag and told me to finish the pull I did. She started on squats...we were good at theses so we switched every 25 or so. At the end I passed the bag back to Rach and she started squatting even though we were done. I quickly told her that we were done and she dropped the bag! During our last set of squats they had been counting down the time over the loud speaker so when I said DONE she thought done with the WOD, as if time had run out. I'm sure I could have only performed 1-3 T2B so I wasn't worried about it. I was just proud of her for keep going after falling off the bar! 

Even with a worry on DUs and Rach falling off the bar...we still placed 4th in the whole thing. To be honest, we could have come in last place and been just fine. We had a blast all day hanging out with people and doing some crossfit on that BEAUTIFUL Day! 

Thank you Crossfit Central for organizing the event and for TSR for hosting us! 

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