Monday, October 8, 2012

Relentless: Partner WOD!

Partner WOD
Leap Frog 50m
100 Squats (divided amongst partners)
Wheel barrow 50m
100 Partner Push Ups
Lateral Traveling Push Ups
100 Swings
Partner Carry 50m w/bell

Score: Completion Time
Leap Frog (think back to PE). Partner A will squat down as low as possible tucking their head, while Partner B places hands on back of partner A and jumps/leaps over them into a squatting position in front of Partner A. Partner B will then repeat the same actions as partner A until 25yds is completed.

Partner Wheel Barrow: Partner A had their hands on the ground with their ankles wrapped around Partner B's waist. Partners will then move foward with partner B walking on his/her feet and partner A on their hands. 

Partner Push Ups: Partner A and Partner B will face each other in push up position. Both athletes will perform a push up. Once at the top of the push up both partners right (or left) hands will clap. Athletes will alternate hands that clap. Each clap counts as 1 rep.

Lateral Traveling Push Ups: Partner A is laying on the ground. Partner B is laying next to partner A, both partners facing the same way. Partner B, travels over Partner A in a push up fashion, then lays down and Partner A travels over Partner B. Very similar to the leap frog, but athletes are traveling lateral (left to right) versus head to toe. 

RX  KB Wt: 25#/35#

Honestly folks, this one is just for fun. I would pick a partner who wants to work at the same pace as you and wants to have fun. 

Good Luck! 

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