Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Relentless: 1/2 Tabata + AMRAP

½ Tabata (2mins): Sit Ups

4min AMRAP:
10 Mtn Climbers (1ft = 1 rep)
10 Squats
10 2 handed OH Press

Rest 1 min

Score: Total Number of COMPLETED rounds
RX  KB Wt: 25#/35#

1/2 Tabata (2mins/4rds) should be unbroken, no question, super easy. The 4min AMRAP, you should be able to move through the 10 reps without stopping. If you need to breath do it after the 10 reps. The ONLY movement set I would consider breaking up would be the 2 handed OH Press and that is because of your bell. If you do have to break it up, it should be either set of 5 or 3/2/3/2. There is a min rest PLUS the 1/2 of tabata where your arms can rest before the next 4min AMRAP. JUST MOVE!!

Good Luck! 

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