Monday, January 14, 2013

Relentless: 800m + AMRAP

800m Run
AMRAP in Remaining Time
15 Push Ups

Rx: 35/55#
Score: In the 7min time cap, Athletes will run 800m. In the remaining of the time athlete will complete the AMRAP. 1rd = 30pts.

7mins isn't that long if you really think about it AND the 800m will take up a chunk of time. With the push ups (you are going to get good at push ups wether you want to or not, LOL) Use your hips on the SDHP. The bell should go shine to chin at a speed of fast, faster and fastest. Your arms are just holding on to the bell and guiding it. Dont' try to pull the bell up, you need your shoulders for the push ups! YOU GOT THIS!!

Good Luck!!

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