Thursday, March 29, 2012

Benchmark Bragging...

This past week Crossfit Central, started new programs. This means benchmark workouts. I might be the only one who looks forward to these...until afterwards and darn near ALL my athletes have PRed! Each month prior the 1 of the relentless WODS is programed to help "train" the athletes for the next months benchmark. This means that in the month of March, our athtletes were doing WODs to help them train for this months benchmark...Let me tell you it paid off. This month's benchmark went as follow:
"All In Place"
3 rounds
45 Lunges
30 Push Ups
15 Burpees
20min Cut Off

HOLY COW was Spiceworks fast! Check out their improvements!
Jeff 15:46-12:35
Al 10:52-9:05
Greg 11:06 to 9:45...PS this is his 2nd PR this WEEK! He also had a 4rd PR on Cindy!
Cindy 17:22-12:00
Katy 11:12-8:30 (Top Female Time In Class)
Ted 10:18 - 8:55 (Top Male Time In Class)
Julie 14:11 1st time to do the Benchmark so it was a PR
Julie P 12:55 (1st time to do the Benchmark so it was PR

PRs FOR ALL!! Did I mention it was also in the rain?!?!?!!? Well done Spiceworks...Thanks for making me proud!!

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