Monday, April 9, 2012

Paleo + HIking = Success!

3 Sundays ago I went hiking at Pedernales for my first time. I had never been here before, but quickly fell in love! This place just 45mins out of town was the PERFECT escape on that beautiful day! I volunteered to be in charge of food because I wanted to make sure I had paleo options. I went to the store that morning and grabbed a few things for an ice chest and the backpack that was to be carried. My groceries included:
Train Mix
Turkey Slices
Bell Peppers (all colors)
Almond Butter

As soon as I got home I made some lettuce wraps which included bacon, avacado and turkey all wrapped in a lettuce leaf which was then wrapped in foil. This was my "sandwhich". I sliced the peppers so I could dip them in the hummus. I put the trailmix, apples, grapes and water in the backpack for the day hike. This was PERFECT because they were available when needed. After a few hours of hiking, the lettuce wraps by a creek were a PERFECT enjoyment. When traveling home the unfinished trailmix and grapes were pulled out just to tie over until dinner and it WORKED! It was a great day and I was able to stay paleo without having to think about it. All it took was a quick min to plan and get organized! GREAT DAY...GREAT HIKE!

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