Tuesday, March 13, 2012

12.3 18min AMRAP

12.3 18min AMRAP
15 Box Jumps 20"
12 Push Press 75#
9 Toes To Bar

The first thing I though of when I saw this was last years workout with toes to bar and how bad I ripped my hands up. I think I went through a FULL roll of tape trying to keep my hands together. This year I made wraps out of the tape that were 2xs as wide as the ones last year. I was prepared! I paired up with Heather...well if you read my last posting then you know why...

I started out with box jumps..which were jump up, step down on EVERY single one. I had heard horrible stories about people doing damage, plus it was faster. I made it to push press, not to bad and then toes to bar...I was nervous because of my hands. But I made it through it. My long sleeve shirt was off by min 3. My wraps were off my hands by min 5 because by this time it had started to rain and I slipped when I grabbed the bar. Thanks goodness Chris Hartwell was there to wipe the bar just before I grabbed it for Toes To Bar.

Good news is I made it through 9 full rounds then all the way to 2 Toes to bar...scoring a 353 on the WOD! It was a tough one but I think the burpee WOD was harder...if that is the case then maybe I should have moved faster. Bring it on 12.4!!!

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