Tuesday, March 13, 2012

12.2 Snatch

12.2 Snatches
30 Snatches at 45#
30 Snatches at 75#
30 Snatches at 100#
AMRAP at 120#

When I first heard this we (Jess and I) had just sent the ladies of the 6:45pm class on their 400m warm up run. Molly announced it out the window for all the coaches who have been waiting since last Friday. My first thought was (A) Thank goodness I was in Oly Classes (B) 120# is my max...yikes! I started asking questions about technique and what is the fastest, safest way to move through this. How do you break it up? What would you do? I asked all my fellow coaches who I look up to..which also include my oly lift coach. Friday came round and I paired up with Heather Reed, a fellow Relentless Coach. I LOVE have her s my judge. She is EXTREMLLY motivating! She knows exactly what I want to hear and when I need to hear it. She knows when I need to be screamed at and when I need to be motivated. She went in first heat and I went in the 2nd. Here is how I moved through it:

45# - Unbroken Muscle Snatch
75# - Checked in at 15 reps but most tap and go Power Snatch (not becaue I need to power snatch 75# But because it was the smart thing to do)
100# - Started out with 2 sets of 3...then it quickly went to singles...with a split snatch!
I finished with a score of 90 (made it to the 120#). I'm okay with it, even though I kinda wanted to try the 120#...just to see!

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