Tuesday, March 13, 2012

12.1 7min AMRAP Burpees

Well "IT" is here....THE OPEN! For those that don't know, this is the beginning competition to The Crossfit Games. The Games is like the olympics of the sport of crossfit. This event will determine the fittest man and woman on earth. It is held in California in July. They announce the WODs on Wednesday at 7pm. Crossfit Central athletes will do them on Thursday and Fridays and then the Crossfit Coaches will take them on on Fridays at 1pm. I find it fun to try and guess what the WODs are going to be...I'm never right, but it is fun, makes it less stressful in my books. The more fun I have the easier and more enjoyable the WODs are no matter how hard they are physically. This WOD will NEVER be forgotten.

12.1 7min AMRAP of Burpees

Yes, you read that right...7 mins of Burpees...with a JUMP 6 inches above reach. A single movement...for 7mins. My first thought was AWESOME...endurance style...I got this. All I gotta do is STAY MOVING! #EasyDay if you will. Friday came and we all met at Crossfit Central for the coaches WOD. It was like a PARTY! The news was there...we had a DJ...client/athletes were there...it was going to be AWESOME!I paired up with Jess Estrada. She went first heat and made 118 burpees look SIMPLE! I set up under the pull up bar. 3-2-1 GOOO! Well the first 2 min was fun...then it started to SUCK! LOL! It was really about moving through it then. I finished with 110 burpees to my name. My quads were sore my breath was short. Needless to say it was done and I felt it. It was a HURT SO GOOD!

12.1 DONE!

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