Sunday, March 18, 2012


Its REALLY scarey that 12.4 has come and gone! YIKES! I cannot believe we only had one more week in the open! This weeks workout was:
12min AMRAP/Cap
150 Wall Ball...aka "Karen" (14#/20#)
90 Double Unders
30 Muscle Ups

Interesting. My first thought was...I just want ONE muscle up in this workout. I just want 1, I battled for one last year and it was no bueno. I just want one, so I could say, I got a muscle up in The Open and this is my chance. I went 2nd heat with Heather as my judge...duh! ;) The advice I had been given was break up the wall ball. I knocked out a set of 50...25...25...25...25. Each one I would break shake my arms and count out loud to 5. It actually wan't that bad. I was the first one off the wall, but I knew I had to be.
I got to jump rope and did 50 unbroken...then 20...then 20. I knew I had to take a breather because I didn't want my forearms to give out before muscle ups. I want to make sure to get one. I did NOT want to battle for just one. I got to the rings, shook out my hands and BAM...I got 6! I prob attempted 10, but I got 6! I am so excited too! It really made my day! I cannot thank my fellow coaches and our awesome community enough for the support and cheering during The Open. I promise we can hear each of you and are VERY moved by your belief in us. Thank You!

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