Monday, April 4, 2011


Well workout #2 (aka WOD 11.2) has come and gone...scary! For those that don't know. Most of your crossfit friends are competing in Sections in preparation for regionals, which is in preparation for THE GAMES! Workouts are released on Tuesday night and you have until Sunday to perform the workout on you own using a flip cam OR at an affiliate.

My experience thus far? Lets back up and look at WOD11.1. This WOD went as follow:

10min AMRAP
30 Double Unders
15 Ground to Overhead (#55)

Sounds easy? NOT! The good thing about this is AMRAPs are about endurance...just go hard and fast for X amount of time. Thank goodness I have that endurance background. HOWEVER, if you know me and have been reading my blog you will understand the love hate relationship I have for/with double unders.
I did the first round of this at Crossfit Central with the other coaches and it went like this:

I decided to use Erin's client's rope about 30 seconds before my heat went. Something you should NEVER do...change an element the day of competition much less 30 seconds before. My ground to overheads were all power snatches. I did unbroken the first 2 rounds then broke it up into sets of 5. No problem. The Double Unders...different story. After about
t 3 mins into the WOD I quickly pulled out my much heavier rope. My arms would tire out WAY before the rope would beat me up. I struggled with this rope but it was better than the other I thought. When they called time I had 4 rounds and some change completed. My fellow coaches...all at least 6-7 rounds. Crap. This score is NOT what I wanted to go into this competition with. I have mixed feelings about the way sectionals are run this year but it is what it is and I'm going to take advantage of the fact I can do a redo! Since I was traveling to BMT that weekend Neal allowed me to redo the workout at his box, Crossfit Beaumont. I used their wire ropes and was able to knock out 6 rounds, 30 double unders and 7 snatches before calling time. MUCH BETTER! I'll take it! One of the coolest things about this workout was the fact that my mom was the rounds keeper and Chris from CFBMT was my counter. My mom is in my sectionals video, not just cheering but keeping rounds for Neal and myself as we went along. AWESOME!

Thursday March 31st I did my one and only round of WOD 11.2. That WOD went as follow:

15min AMRAP
9 Deadlifts (#100)
12 push ups (game style)
15 box jumps (20")
First thought...another AMRAP with light weight? YES! This workout left me more sore than Murph! This workout was all about moving. DONT STOP MOVING! I'm serious...light weight till about round 10 but JUST KEEP MOVING! And that is what I did. Thanks to my judge Coach Heather Reed and my fellow competitors and friends that came to watch, I was able to move through this workout not thinking about slowing down. Want to know what kick my butt on this workout as well as others? Push ups. No joke. Who would have thought that push ups could hurt so bad! While 15mins might seem like a short time....think again! When 15mins was called I had 13 full rounds and 5 deadlifts in the bank. Yes I'll take it!
Saturday April 2nd I went up to Central to help judge some of our clients who were taking on 11.2. This was actually fun! Talk about some HUSTLE! These people were moving and grooving! I enjoyed getting to see some of my Trojan Challengers, Bootcampers, and classmates take on this WOD 11.2. I'm so proud of these athletes and how far they have come.

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