Monday, April 25, 2011


11.4 has come and gone...These WODs are coming and going faster and faster; scary. It was a "doozy" just as they said. This WOD takes the cake without a doubt. I like to call it "Shoulder Shocker"...11.4 went as follow:
10min AMRAP
60 burpee forward facing bar hops
30 Overhead Squats (90#)
10 Muscle Ups

What is a "burpee forward facing bar hop"? Well you do a burpee facing your bar (which is already set up for your overhead squats) then you jump with both feet, and land with both feet at the same time on the other side of the bar...thats have 60. WOW! NEXT You put 90# over your head and do 30 squats. This isn't easy...especially after doing 60 burpee bar facing burpees. YIKES!
THEN you go on to the rings...the lovely rings. How inviting do they look? I got through the 60 and the 30 with 4 mins to spare, but sadly no muscles ups...even with 4 mins of trying. I just wanted 1....1 was that to much to ask for? Bad news? I didn't get a muscle up. Good news...I know EXACTLY what I need to workout which is muscle ups POST workout when shoulders are SHOT! However, big ole congrats to the ladies below who are also brave enough to take on 11.4 without thinking.

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