Monday, April 11, 2011

Bettys On Boards

What on earth am I doing...much less wearing? Saturday April 9th Crossfit Central hosted our Women's Only Challenge! What is the challenge about? Below Carey Kepler is briefing everyone on the workout.
...then the ladies went to work...
Burpees, Lunges with Med Ball overhead followed by a run...
Then on to the water to perform a Push Ups, Squats (with paddle overhead), Situps, and mountain climbers alllll while on the SUP Board!
Once you and your parter have completed that, run to the finish line where the boards are located!
Don't worry about falling in because one of us coaches (pic below) can save you..
Congrats to our winners!!!
Huge thank you to our sponsors!

Did I mention they gave us whistles? Watch out if you are in our classes next week ;)

This was a really fun event to coach. I laughed sooo hard! Another good Crossfit Central event...

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