Wednesday, April 27, 2011

11.5...One More To Go

This past Thursday we took on 11.5 of the Crossfit Sectionals. This one was alll about endurance and staying on the bar. No joke...TOUGH! Just fighting through the pain. Thanks to Heather Reed, my judge, and my fellow lifters I was able to do this the best I could. HUGE thank you to all of you for your support and encouragement. 11.5 went as follow:

20min AMRAP
5 power cleans (100#)
10 Toes To Bar
15 Wall Ball (14#)

100# Power Clean might not seem that heavy especially at 5 reps at a time, but let me tell you it gets heavy QUICK! My first couple of rounds were unbroken, but it then turned into 2 sets of 2 and a set of 1. This just helped with the mental. Toes to Bar were my struggle...a body weight struggle...funny, wasn't my last struggle body weight lift. Pattern? My first set was unbroken! I cannot believe it! I was so excited for this that when I let go of the bar post first set my feet slipped and I landed flat on my butt! After that I was lucky to stay on the bar for more than 2 reps. I would do a few, couple, single then my wonderful judge would hand me a piece of tape to cover my destroyed hands. ouch! After toes to bar was wall ball. I'm not a fan of wall ball (even though "Karen" is 150 Wall Ball grrr) it isn't bad. I was able to do all mine unbroken....hey I had to make up time some where and I knew if I stopped it would be bad news bears. After 20mins I had completed 9 full rounds, 5 power cleans, 10 toes to bar and 7 wall balls. I knew there were areas when I could push a little harder and faster, however my hands looked like this post workout...
Therefore I was I happy with my efforts. Awesome job y'all! Can't wait to take on 11.6 with you!

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