Thursday, April 28, 2011

Bunny Hop

That was the only warning they got...and it was via facebook! What would you do if your coach posted this picture a night before a workout referencing the workout you were suppose to have in the morning! Little did they know what was in these eggs....60 different moves they had done in their Relentless Bootcamp that used their med balls, kettlebells and body weight.
While the Coach Chelsea Ross warmed up the 6:30am Jack and Adams crew, the "Easter Bunny" hid the eggs. HOWEVER before they could go find the eggs they did a WOD to represent the story of Exodus. This was:
7min AMRAP
26 American Swings
3 cone Gasser

The wonderful Brentwood Bootcamp participated in the "Bunny Hop" as well! Everyone got to do burpees for the most eggs found!
They too took on Exodus...which they considered a "doozy" just as much as Jack and Adams did!

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