Saturday, April 9, 2011

11.3...On To The Next One

Well Sectionals WOD 11.3 has come and gone...crazy I know! Crossfit Central Coaches took on WOD 11.3 last was AWESOME! This workout went as follow:

5min AMRAP
Squat Clean /Jerk (110#/165#)
Whats a "Squat Clean/Jerk" you might ask? Go HERE if you want a video to explain...or you can just take my word on it. You clean the bar into a squat position, THEN you put the bar overhead. This can be done in a variety of ways so pick my case, I picked 2 different ways; thruster and a jerk. You better guess again if you said "Oh 5mins? Can't be tooooo bad" WRONG!
I set my goal to be 20 and I completed 30 even. THANK GOODNESS! That was rough! The trick? Pace yourself. Don't go flying out of the squats every time and don't waste energy lowering the bar down, drop it from the top. PACE YOURSELF! It is a huge honor to be able to compete along the side of some of these women and men from my box. If you are missing some motivation and energy, come by central at 1:30pm on Thursdays we have it FLYING out of our box!

If that doesn't do it for you...check out THIS!

Thanks Tim (pic below) for taking pics at our events! You are AWESOME!

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