Monday, March 14, 2011

Whats in Your Fridge?

My Aunt B thinks I should write a cookbook/book on how to or how I stay on top of my nutrition through the week. I just tell her organized and planning. Organization is my strong suit which makes cooking for the week pretty easy. I LOVE "working my plan"; checking things off my list. Its So going to the grocery story with a list checking things off my list is exciting to me. Its like a game in my efficient can I make my week?

The video below is what my fridge looks like for the week and how I stay on top of my game, especially with sectionals starting this week!


  1. Dang Karen!!! That's enough food to feed an army. I'm impressed! I tend to get enough food for 3 days and cook it each day so that it is fresh for me and I tend to get more excited about it :) Then it's off to the grocery store again. I like your choices, diversity, and your organization is stellar! Great video.

  2. Great video! I love the shopping part now I need to hire someone to do all the prep. Lol! Using this video on the Relentless website tomorrow.

  3. Thanks Crystal...I just wanted to show my clients/victims IT CAN BE DONE! If I stay organized I don't have a reason to want to cheat. Organization is my strong suit so why not combine organization and healthy lifstyle :)

    Thanks Meg! I enjoy the shopping part I just need someone to cook for me! I have to keep telling myself the smoke alarm isn't a timer!! LOL!