Sunday, March 20, 2011

Beaumont Visit

This past weekend Duke and I traveled home to Beaumont to see the family and friends! I do have to admit it was one of my best weekends. When I got in town I went to see my parents at a church luncheon but since I had Duke we didn't stay long. Then mom and I went to Mcalisters Deli because they allow dogs on the patio! After that Duke I went to see my Great Aunt Esther Locke. He was a HIT! Duke did so good there. He didn't jump on anyone and just soaked up all the attention and enjoyed it. I will have him in training to be a therapy dog soon. Next it was nap time! I then went to get my hair cut by Mrs. Tammy White (AMAZING!). She always finds a way to squeeze me in for when I come in town. I then met my mom at CF BMT for a workout :) I LOVE LOVE LOVE the fact that my mom and I share this passion. I got to see her PR on Push Press...and flip tires!! See video below! After that I headed to Cheddars to have dinner with my 2 best friends from BMT...Brittany Bryant (left) and Shelley Varnado! We were there from 7:30pm-11pm catching up on life. These girls are AMAZING...the world is not ready for them! Brittany just got engaged and Shells is 6mths preggers with a baby boy (pic below)!

Since 11pm is LATE for me, I went home, showered and went to bed. I got up on Saturday morning and headed to CF BMT again to redo WOD#1 for Sectionals! My mom joined me after she went to a Harley event with my dad that morning. She now knows the importance of sectionals so she wanted to come cheer me and the others from her box along. It was alot of fun! I did improve my rounds all thanks to a better rope. SOOOOO worth the purchase. Below is a pic of mom and me post workout, just hanging out....after she showed me her pull ups! After lunch at Jason's Deli with mom, I raced home and changed into boots and jeans so I could go run errands with my dad...on the back of his harley! We went to the visitors center to get maps for their upcoming trips as well as to the harley store. This was my first time to ride my dad's bike so it FUN and a great way to work on my tan :) While my parents got all dressed up and headed to a ball...I showered and put on boots and jeans again to go on another harely ride with Matthew to eat sushi! Matthew never fails me on the sushi...AMAZING! Sunday I got up and left for ATX as my parents were leaving for church!

It really was a great weekend in BMT. I'm one LUCKY girl...

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