Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Squat For Beads!

Thursday was Fat Tuesday....if you didn't know. "Mardi Gras" is french for "Fat Tuesday" referring to the feast one eats prior to the season of lent which begins today! In honor of this, I celebrated Mardi Gras in all ways possible in the fitness world. Below is how my AWESOME day went!

It started out at 5:30am with the awesome Crossfit Runtex crew where we took on Fran (21-15-9 Thrusters 65#/95# and pull ups). Fran is ROUGH. What better way to make it "fun" than to throw in a Mardi Gras mask. This fun little Mardi Gras mask landed me a 4:14rx Fran...HECK YES!
What would you do if your Coaches showed up looking like this?? AND kicked your butt?

Next was the 6:30am Brentwood Relentless Bootcamp! Such troopers at 6:30am!
Since Mardi Gras was "discovered" on Feb. 24th, 1857 and is 47 days prior to Easter the "Squat for Beads" workout went as follow:

2x (Feb. is the 2nd mth in the year)
24 Russian Twist (24th day)
21 Med Ball Sit Ups (1+8+5+7 = 21)
47 Squats (days till Easter)
However my LUCKY AMers got to do a med ball run. This was to symbolize "fat" Tuesday (hints why the med balls are at their belly) as well as a parade (which was the run part)
While they performed the squat portion of the workout upcoming Relentless Coach Chelsea Ross (twitter: @Chels_Ross) threw beads!! After bootcamp it was on to my clients! They got a huge kick out of the fact that I was in costume for the holiday! Below is a pic of Terri Mitchell and myself. Terri is an aquatics instructor also a PTA and an AMAZING woman! She had more beads than me...she must have been doing something right! LOL Round One of my day was over and it was home for lunch and time with Duke. Poor Duker, I made him put on beads and take pics...he was trilled...can't you tell!?

After lunch, Duke and I loaded up and headed north for Brentwood Bootcamp! Lucky for them they got to enjoy the same experience as the AMers did (minus the Fat Parade Run)

The 5:30pm-ers got creative with the went on kettlebells or on their med balls (Birthday Boy Tim said "Its Wilson!"...I about lost it, LOL)
Way to go AMAZING RELENTLESS Bootcampers! Y'all rocked this!

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