Sunday, February 27, 2011


After looking at rings for 12mins during Fittest Games (as well as during Regionals last year) I was determined to get my muscle up soon. Erin and I had been working on this movement/skill. Erin is a fellow Crossfit Central Coach as well as my accountability partner....she is GREAT! We decided that we were going to practice these...ALOT. Well last Wednesday we had a short workout so we cleaned up the bars and pulled out the rings. Fellow coaches were chillin/recovering but we went to work. After a few trials, I remembered my flip camera and retrieved it from my bag to film our efforts. At one point Erin ALMOST got hers and David said, "Erin, why don't you have your muscle up". Alot of the other coaches gave him a hard time saying that was harsh! LOL...but look what it did....

You Tube will NOT let me embed this in here but HERE is the link!

It was my turn. I tried, Em tried, I tried and BAM.....check it out!

You Tube will NOT let me embed this in here but HERE is the link!

I cannot believe we got this on film! It is AMAZING! I cannot thank my crossfit family enough for being excited for me. This includes when I posted it on facer all the positive comments I recieved from people and the carry over excitement into this past weekend when I saw crossfitters from other boxes in person. HUGE shout out Erin....we can check this off our list!!!

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