Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Fittest Games

On Sunday Feb. 13th, I participated in The Fittest Games. This was a well run event hosted by Crossfit Central. We couldn't of asked for a better location or weather. It started off a little cold but then warmed up. I actually ended up sunburned! I was VERY lucky to have Jess in my heat (check out her interview on SicFit...she KILLED WOD 3) She kept me going in the right know I'm easily confused.
WOD #1: Gasser
30 burpees with parallet jumps
gasser (across football field)
30 Dumbell (35#) Snatches
30 Dumbell Shoulder to Overhead (35#)
My time: 5:06 (see below)
WOD #2: Bear Complex
3RM wt.
My score: 115
Bear complex goes like this: Clean or Squat Clean, Front Squat to thruster to back squat to back over head and tap the ground. The bar cannot rest on the ground during any part of this. I started out light and went up to 120, but coming back over my head at the end I couldn't lock out. But I'm happy with 115!

WOD #3: Gymnastics
2 Muscle Ups - ?? Toes to Bar - ?? Double Unders
* There were 5 rounds to this , the Toes to bar and Double Unders got lower in reps as the rounds went.
Here is the thing about this one. I cannot do a muscle up...yet. I'm still working on progressions. However I used the time during this WOD to get some coaching. And I was able to get slower to a muscle up than I have ever been :) I'll take it!
WOD #4: Track Workout
200m Run
15 Snatches (95#)
400m Run
15-12-9 SDHP and Push Press (65#)
200m Run

This was my favorite, as well as the hardest workout. I orignally planned on power snatching it up and then overhead squatting it but after a few of those it wasn't working. I even have pics of me doing this and having to balance the wt on one foot. I thought I"m just going to try a squat snatch and OMG it worked! I tried another worked! I thought gosh dang, I'm just going to keep with these. Imagine that corect form worked! I got done with my 400 and did as many unbroken reps of the SDHP and Push Press as possible. Then finished with the 200. I also had the BEST judge out there, Mrs. Heather Reed; a fellow coach and STRONG motivator. Thanks heather!
Also HUGE thanks to the volunteers of this event as well CP and John who followed Jess and me around taking pictures!

Watch more video of The Fittest Games Challenge on

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