Sunday, February 27, 2011

Triple Threat Throwdown - Milestone Crossfit

Well I went up to Milestone Crossfit's Grand Opening to support a few lifters and ended up jumping in the competition (I think I actually took Crystal's place). They were explaining the workouts and I was warming up. The workouts went as follows:
WOD #1:
4 rounds
15 deadlift - 95#
15 Burpes
WOD #2
400m Run
30 pull ups
WOD #3
8min AMRAP
16 wall ball - 14#
12 Box Jumps
8 in and outs
WOD #1 - Well the first workout might look was a GASSER! I'm not kidding. The trick? Don't stop. Serious. Pick up the bar 15 times then slam yourself on the ground 15 times. It was more difficult than I thought. I finished in 4:15!
WOD #2 - The run not bad...the pull ups. Since I have never attempted butterfly in comp I decided to do it this round. Well only about 3 of my 7 attempts counted so I switched to regular kipping. I did have to drop in between and re grip on the bar. This is something to work towards for sure; Butterfly and 30 unbroken pull ups. I tell you what, my arms were VERY sore after this!
WOD #3 - No lie in and outs kicked my BUTT! I got 5 rounds in but it wasn't easy. Out of all of that in and outs were the worst part! How sad is that! I guess I should add them to my list of things to practice LOL!
How did things end up? Check out the photo below....Crossfit Central takes the podium (thats me on the left, finished in 3rd)! Not to bad for someone who walked up and jumped in a competition!

This was a GREAT event and well attended! I loved seeing the different boxes come together to support each other during their grand openings. I cannot thank my fellow Central people enough for the coaching and encouragement during the event. It was great to meet new crossfitters as well. Also huge shout out to Lynn-Dell and Kim (who attend their first crossfit workout prior to the competition) for keeping up with my bag during the whole event LOL! Its like I was telling someone, this might be an "individual competition" but its like we are all working together. Everyone wants everyone to do their best and have great success. I cannot tell you how many people hugged my neck or high fived me because I got my first muscle up. Now THAT is family!
Kim's 2 daughters and Marc showed up for the last workout. After watching the last workout they played in the jump house then joined some of the other athlete's kids in jumping on the box and picking up the med balls. Today Kim sent me the pictures below. Her littlest one Maggie who is 6 re built the last WOD at their home. I was also informed that she was throwing a basketball against the house. I think there is a potential crossfitter...what do you think?

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  1. Teehee, 6 year old doing box jumps is ADORABLE! Man, I can't wait until I have kids and have them doing crazy stuff, both athletic and intellectual. :D