Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Thus Far...

I just wanted to share with anyone who would listen how awesome my week has been thus far! Clients are back in town, which makes my job more level is sky high with clients/ organization/planning/preparation of my meals have already paid off amazingly and I got a new lulu outfit for this weekends competition at Crossfit Katy (okay, so maybe that one was negative for the checking acct, LOL) and I get to spend the weekend with family and friends! I could go on and on but I will stop there! :)

I have really enjoyed doing a workout saluting the start of football season (when football is in season, things especially in Texas just seem right)! Even though many dislike burpees they get a kick out of doing the following workout:
# of days till Longhorn Football = # of burpees to be done :)
Football started on 8-8-10...Dallas vs. Cinn 17-6 (correct me if I'm wrong)
6 rounds (for the score...17 is just really long)
8 lunges on Left leg (August is the 8th month)
8 lunges on Right Leg (it was the 8th day in August)
10 squats (year)

Not only has football season started...Monica Brant with Austin Fit Magazine showed up camera crew and all and did my FREE Monday 5:30-6:30pm Core Class at Jack and Adams. I'm assuming this was part of the Kick Mo's Butt section in the magazine but who knows. All I know is she showed up with camreas at MY class. I was so excited...I got in my car after the class and attempted to call lots of people to tell someone, but no one answered so I left lots of messages :) If the article gets published TRUST ME you will know! LOL!

I hope your week is going half as good as mine!!! #LovinLife #GodIsGood

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