Tuesday, August 10, 2010

10lb Jealousy

I have two 10lb med balls that I bring to Rentless Bootcamps (see my side bar to see where I teach bootcamps). If you ask Tim in the 5:30am T/Th Class at Jack and Adams, he calls the 10lb-er the "beer" and the 6lb-er the "Zima", which makes me laugh. These 10lb-ers have become not only a hit in my bootcamps, but a challenge. How much can I do with the 10lb-er before I have to go back to the 6lb-er. I LOVE IT! I have seen a lot of people really step up their game to take on the 10lb-er.

During bootcamp last week, Neil (attends the 6:30am T/Th Jack and Adams bootcamp) went to pick up the 10lb-er for abs and noticed it was gone. He looked over and Selena, our newest bootcamper had stepped up her game and took on the 10lb-er! Out of jealousy Neil grabbed two 6lb-ers and continued...check it out:

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