Friday, August 6, 2010

Success Already!

Meet Dorothy Brady! Dorothy started Crossfit in June by attending my 5:30pm Brentwood Bootcamp! Dorothy is such a go-getter...I LOVE IT! In bootcamp we do benchmark workouts so we are able to track our progress. One of the benchmarks is within one min how many situps can you do, in another min how many push ups can you do and how many squats can you do in a min. On June 8th, 2010 Dorothy performed this benchmark. Her results were:
Sit-ups - 17
Push ups - 14
Squats - 15

Since it was BLAZING hot outside on Aug.3rd, my class made a smart decision and agreed to do the situp/pushup/squat test instead of the mile run. Dorothy's results were:
Sit ups - 40
Push ups - 24
Squats - 34

HOW AMAZING IS THAT? Dorothy has made changes in her lifestyle by adding activity and dialing in her nutrition and in just 2 months has made HUGE improvements in her movement! I cannot wait till we can check her body comps in a month! I'm such a proud coach! Keep On Keeping On Dorothy!

For more success stories like Dorothys check out this LINK! Come see what Crossfit can do for you!

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