Monday, August 9, 2010

GOAL: 100 Followers By Thanksgiving!

Your help is needed! So I have this crazy, exciting goal....

100 Blog Followers by Thanksgiving 2010!!!

Help me make this happen! I use my blog to offer/share the best advice, links, info, my opinion/experience :), crazy "stuff" found in the media, motivation, (and much more) I can offer! If I don't have the answer I will do what I can do get it! I love to get others excited about leading a healthy lifestyle! Here is how to become a follower (you already have done the first step!):

(1) Go to my blog!

(2) Scrolll all the way down to the bottom right

(3) Click on "Follow"

(4) If you already have one of the accounts listed (Google, Twitter, Yahoo, Aim, Netlog, OpenID) you can use them to sign up. If you don't, you can create a google account (It's safe I promise...and FREE)
(5) Once your account is created (if you went this route) then you click "follow this blog"
You do not have to use this gmail account for anything but following my blog and or junk email! LOL! If you don't want to add a pic, you don't have to but I would like to see your face and your profile. If you have a blog I would like to return the favor and follow you so don't hesitate to send me a link to your blog!
3-2-1 GOOOOOO!!! :)

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