Monday, May 31, 2010


When you cannot cook, you tend to be nice to those that can. Cooking is a skill I REALLY want to be good at. The sad part is I try and still suck, so I just rely on friends that can or those that stalk blogs to share info with me! Sad part is, I have LOTS of fun kitchen gadgets, but still cannot cook. Ben and I met at a dance hall a while back. When I discovered he could cook I took full advantage of it. In the past he has made non paleo dishes. Don't get me wrong they were AMAZING and worth every bite, but now days I have a new way of eating, paleo. Therefore when I asked him to come cook for me last week I told him it needed to be paleo, especially since I had a comp this weekend. Smart man, he researched that way of eating and came prepared. Don't ask me how he cooked alot of this because all my happy butt does is sit on the counter and quiz him about how/why he does if I am going to remember it and cook it again. LOL! The best part is, he cooks enough for dinner and then for me to have the next day...this time I ate pork for a was AWESOME! The food, wine and company was wonderful!! I cannot wait to eat the next dish! Thanks Ben for another excellent dinner!

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