Monday, May 24, 2010

Team Awesome!

Thanks to the Trojan Challenge of CrossFit I get to work/coach/train with these 2 amazing and motivated people; Stephen and Ashley. Not only are they highly involved with crossfit doing bootcamp, kettlebells, and On Ramp, but they do workouts on their own...including a visit to Karen Ln...and food log, daily! They have set goals and on track to FLY pass them.
Emily Baker, another AMAZING crossfitter is on our team but she isn't pictured because she had to is sooo overrated.
To the left, is some food Ashley made! She really wants to get all of her veggies in so she purchased juicer and make a mixture and drank it! She also made stuffed bell peppers with turkey meat!
This past Sunday they even came to Karen Ln. to workout. After a good kettlebell workout, I pulled out the sled and we went to town. See videos below (sorry Ash I had to do the one with Steven doing the round off at the end of yours, LOL). For some reason blogger merged the videos...sorry!
Go ahead other jealous...this team isn't just called Team Awesome for any ole reason!!!

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