Monday, May 3, 2010


On April 23rd I attened the Level 1 Crossfit Cert in Dallas! This was a lot of fun and helpful. It wasn't only helpful for me as a coach but as an athlete as well. I was taught, corrected and encouraged to fix things to help myself and others.

Any ways before I left I got a set of Toni Robbins cds from Lisa. I'm still currently working through these but it was a really AWESOME thing to have on the road...except for the part where I had to write goals, some how I managed and I can always go back and listen to the CDs. This has a whole other blog post written all over it...that was a warning.

I arrived to Amanda's casa late. After a short visit it was off to dreamland to see what Day 1 held. I was up and at 'em to find the cert location...then coffee. Lucky for me, and according to my GPS Crossfit Strong was 1.8mi from Amanda's casa. I found coffee then went back. We got set up and started. There was lecture and movement. I did soooo much with a PVC pipe it was crazy...not to mention rough on the muscles...who knew an 5ft 8oz 1" could make me hurt so good! LOL! Any ways...before we broke for lunch we did a tabata squat workout. My score was 20, my highest number was 21 and that was the first set for those that understand tabata workouts. We went to lunch then back for more learning, ending the day with "Fran"...21-15-9 Thrusters and Pull-ups. Shoot me....however I did create a new PR for Fran of 4:28!! As Chuck, one of the cert leaders explained. When you are in a gym, what is the "manly qustion" that determines your status? Correct me if I am wrong but its "whats your bench?" I right? For those that don't crossfit, the "whats your bench question" is "whats your Fran time?". After that I head back to Amanda's to study and recover.

The next day was full of more lecture and movement and a team workout! Then a test! I think the cert went well. There are some minor things they could improve on, but I will save that for them. As you can tell by the title of this entry, I passed my cert and I'm officially a Level 1 CrossFit Trainer!!!

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  1. It was a great weekend! So awesome to meet you and share the Level 1 Cert experience with you!