Monday, May 3, 2010

Karen Lane

As a few of you know, I have moved into a house...with a garage. Since I only hav one car, what else am I going to do with all the extra space, hummm? Well what else would a workout nut do with all the space....personal garage gym for me and my friends! This couldn't of come at a better time. Due to scheduling, Crossfit took a week off which left me with only The Hills to workout, but that still means battling Mopac (ugh). Since I had a few pieces of equipment I was able to still workout with very few modifications! I did the .com workout most days, then Melisa joined me one day and we did our own thing, then Jess joined me on Friday for Filthy Fifty. When recovering from min and Jess's workout...I got to meet my neighbor's kids! Because my med balls are orange and were sitting outside for the wall ball portion of filthy fifty...after I finished I looked up and there was this little girl in my drive way staring at the med ball. Her mom walked over and explained to me she thought it was a pumpkin. So cute! The little girls brother enjoyed hanging from the rings of my pull up bar cute! I hope to have everything organized by the end of this week, so feel free to join me in a workout any time!!!
My mom thinks that my garage needs a name. Since I have a stolen "Karen Ln." street sign in my garage, that I couldn't seem to let go of from when someone stole it for me in high school (yes I went through that stage), Jess suggested I should name "it" Karen Lane. Melisa thinks it needs to be something tougher, but for now its Karen Lane.
Oh and thank you Matthew for letting me use and abuse you and your truck so I can have a 4x8ft marker board to hang in my garage to write on!


  1. Tougher might be better, but Karen Lane has such a sweet, pleasant ring to it. You think, " how bad can it me to do a WOD in Karen Lane? It sounds so sweet." Then BAM, 15 min later your ass is lying on the ground because you can't feel your body. Come play at Karen Lane...if you DARE!

  2. Nope, I needs to be named "Karen's torture chamber"! But then again, thay may scare people away; so I guess Karen Ln. will work for now.

    Btw, who's that hot girl doing ring dips!? I kid, I kid...joke...