Sunday, May 9, 2010

Food Logging

This weekend was the kick off of the Spartan and Trojan challenge. While helping with the Trojan challenge Saturday morning I thought alot about my last I AM challenge. Since I"m a HORRIBLE food logger one of my favorite parts about having a coach was made me turn in my food log and held me accountable for logging as well as eating good. He kept me on track. Yes, I'm very excited about being on this side of the challenge this round I need to be held accountable for my logging and eating. Therefore, I asked Melisa to take on that challenge. Funny thing...she had the same thoughts/ideas too! So 1x/wk Melisa and I will exchange logs and advise each other on how to improve and eat better. This will be a HUGE help for me because she will keep me in line.

My challenge is to you that are not doing any of the challenges. Find a friend who makes you want to be better and exchange logs with them. Sit and discuss. Y'all can share ideas and help each other stay on track! Now go log!!!

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