Monday, March 15, 2010

Word of the day: Balance

This word came up alot today in conversation, balance. In discussion with a friend who also has a career in fitness as we walked to a SXSW event at the Four Seasons, we were talking about how when someone ask you what you do for a living you say "fitness" or something of that nature. When they ask you what you do for fun, you say "fitness". It makes it seem as if there is nothing else to you, as if you cannot carry on a conversation regarding other topics. My friend was saying how she has a friend that knows alot about music but yet can do the fitness thing to and how good of a balance that was. The friend we met at the Four Seasons has a few different jobs and all are different AND she workouts out hard core on top of that (she is a bad ass). She has great "balance". While it is good to focus on your strengths it is also important to give attention to your weaknesses, and I'm not talking about muscles here.
It is so important that you have something to "balance" you out in all parts of life. Even though I never do any of the SXSW events (I actually avoide downtown during this week), I thought it would be a great thing to do outside of fitness, and no shock I enjoyed myself there. It helped create just a little bit of balance.


  1. Does this mean I should really practice my clarinet skills now!?

  2. Love this Karen!... I am looking into trapeze classes. Pink's Performance at the 2009 VMAS inspired me:)