Thursday, March 11, 2010

Paleo Coco Balls

Many of you have asked for this so here it is! I owe all the credit to Melisa! If you don't follow her blog...I would start. She has some AWESOME post that are worth reading! One of her most recent post made the front of the Crossfit Central website...check it out!

Here's the original recipe:

2c. walnuts (or you can use almonds)
1 and 1/3 c. of pitted dates. I just put in 1 cup and add about 6-8 more.
3-4 Tbsp. Organic Unsweetened Cocoa

Chop all ingredients together. Roll into balls and refridgerate them if desired.

OR you can add protein powder, but make sure you add Tbsp. of water until the mix gets soft enough to roll..otherwise it turns out real crumbly and wont' hold together.

I also addes goji berries last time and they were reall good.

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