Sunday, March 28, 2010

BMT Trip 3.26-28.10

This weekend I went to Beaumont to attend a function as my Daddy's date (see bottom of blog). Lucky for me Neal Riley has started Crossfit Beaumont AND offers free workouts on Saturday at 11am. Since my good friend Clay has started doing Crossfit we attended this Saturday's workout. Clay and I arrived early to foam roll (he was sore from squats and I think some part of me is going to be sore until regionals). I played around on the equipment prior to warming up. Warm up was WAY differerent than wnat I'm used to. Not in a bad way just different. You know how you get set in a was just a break in the routine thats all. Neal explained the workout and we begin: 5 rounds: 10KB swings (55#/35#), 10 gobblet squats (squats w/ kB), 10 box jumps. I finished in 4:23. It was was a good workout! My friend Clay and I traded shirts so not only can he sport the double Cs but I can help represent CFB. Since I'm going back to BMT for Easter I will attend this Saturday's workout!

Above: Clayton & Me Post WOD

Below: Neal & Me Post WOD
Below: My partner, Brittany

The main reason for me going back to Beaumont was so I could be my daddy's date for a Ball in Beaumont hosted by Lamar University. There was art, eating/drinking and dancing...I took part in all! LOL! Doesn't my daddy look handsome?

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