Monday, May 30, 2011

What Now?

Sectionals is over...What Now? Well I qualified for Regionals as an individual which was a HUGE goal for me. I'm honored to say that I will be competing in Regionals on June 17-19th in Tomball, Texas on the RedBlack Team with Kris Kepler, David De Leon, Robert Brown, Crystal McReynolds and Jess Estrada! I'm beyond excited about this...

This takes training to a WHOLE new level! Not only do I want to do well for myself, but I now have 5 others counting on me to make smart decisions and take care of my body. Training is stepping up mobility is becoming more and more important...nutrition needs to be ON POINT! I'm asking for you to stay on my tail about each of these. There will be times I will need it. I will be tired and not want to do mobility...DON'T LET ME GET AWAY WITH THIS! Everything I do from here on out reflects my performance which reflects my team.

HUGE Congrats to all of the Central/RedBlack athletes headed to Tombball in June and a shout out to all the crossfit athletes who are currently or shortly taking on the Regional WODS. I'm truly honored to be apart of this and I PROMISE to give it my all on and off the blacktop!


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