Sunday, May 15, 2011

AWESOME Weekend!

This weekend was nothing less than AMAZING! It started Friday with Crossfit Central's Picnic at Northwest Park! Well with crossfitters you get food and good food! The best thing about this community is that I know that when I go to a picnic or other sort of gathering I know the food there will be good quality and I don't have to worry about people asking/judging me for the reason I eat the way I do. Its all about the community!
At this picnic we had a game of Hoover ball going. What is Hoover ball you might ask?

"It was good enough for President Hoover and it's definitely good enough for CrossFitters. Hoover Ball has quite a history. It was invented by President Hoover's physician, Admiral Joel T. Boone to keep the President physically fit. The game combines tennis and volleyball and was perhaps a CrossFit style workout way before it's time. President Hoover enjoyed the games because it "gave more exercise in a short time" than other activities. Hoover Ball even made its way into the CrossFit Journal. Read Coach Glassman's article about the game."

Give it a try at your next picnic or in your back yard!

Saturday Morning I woke up and joined some other crazy crossfitters to Fight For Air. We met at the Frost Tower to lead the warm up for a ton of people who were going to climb the Frost Tower Stairs to raise money for Lung Disease. Next thing you know we got into the line and were able to climb. This didn't go as easy as I thought it would be. I called time at 4:48ish! I'm VERY thankful God blessed me with a healthy set of lungs because I cannot imagine trying to do the things I love and having to "fight for air" like that. WOW!

Photo Above of Pre Climb...
Post Climb Photo

After the climb I went to train one of my in home clients. Let me just take a moment to brag on Gary. Gary travels ALLLL over the world. His job isn't easy and can be stressful and he runs on little sleep. Yet he manages to do his job, be an excellent father and husband AND place an importance on staying healthy. When I showed up he had a house FULL of out of town company and yet he still managed to get an hours workout in. He travels allll over the world and managed to make this happen...THESE actions are highly effective for his healthy as well as the example he is setting for his daughter. Imagine if ALL parents were this good of an example for their kids...where would our obesity rates be then?! Keep it up Gary!

Next Duke and I met up with my friend Erin and went on a hike on the greenbelt. I have done this but we went and looked at the falls...well where they were...LOTS of water gone. This was soooo much fun! We hiked for 2 hours going all over the place. Duke even swam for his first time without me being in the water AND he played fetch...these are BIG steps for him LOL! I even managed to take on The Hill Of Life! We are VERY lucky to have this in our backyard!

Since Duke decided to swim and my car was med ball free, I got both of them clean; car AND Duke! Then I got myself cleaned so I could put on my red boots and go 2 stepping with my friend Becky! We went to a place out in Buda to hear this band play that will be playing at her wedding in January! They were so good we are thinking about going to see them again on May 27th at Stardust. And yes I did get twirled around the dance floor!

Sunday Morning I got up and helped out with Crossfit Central's 1st Annual Kettlebell Challenge!!! This wasn't easy...WODs went like this...

WOD #1
Max snatch in 10 mins
(this means the bell MUST stay in motion and cannot touch the ground for TEN MINS!!)

WOD #2
25 Dual Kettlebell Swings
3 prowler pushes
20 Dual Kettlebell swings
3 prowler pushes
15 Dual Kettlebell Swings

As soon as pics are posted I will put some on here so you can see just how awesome it was!!
If you are interested in Crossfit Central's Kettlebell program go HERE.

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