Tuesday, November 9, 2010

"Triple Threat"

Yep, it is as bad as it sounds...but alot of fun!!! Here is how it went!

We warmed up with 1 round of the following exercise at a minute each (total 3 mins)

OH MB sit ups (tap above and below)
Russian Twist with MB
Cradles with MB

Next we did the following 3 sets of exercise at 1 min at each movement. You can chose to do 1 round at each set then move to the next or you can do all 3 rounds at a set then move to the next one. We did 1 set of the exercises and moved on to the next. Remember, keep the weight low but challenge. Dont' go up in weight only to lose form 30secs in...NOT WORTH IT (or the aches and pains you will get!)

3x - 1 min each
shoulder Press
step ups
3x - 1 min each
wall ball
MB Cleans

3x -1 min each
push ups
Lat. shuffle

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