Tuesday, November 9, 2010

"Dizzy Dozen"

On November 2nd, 2010 my Rentless Bootcamp at 6:30am at Jack and Adams took on "Dizzy Dozen" (Due to weather my 5:30pm Rentless Bootcampers at Brentwood, didn't take on "Dizzy Dozen" until Nov. 9th, 2010). This AWESOME workout was centred around the number 12 (hints the dozen).

Think of a square and its corners. At each corner you perform 12 reps of an exercise. This totals in 48 reps of one movement. There are 12 different ways to travel around this square. You do reps at the corners and a "traveling movement" in between. The workout went as follow:
12 jacks & Running
12 Burpee & Punter Kicks
12 Push Ups & Power Kips
12 Swings & OH Walk
12 Skaters & Running Backwards
12 OH Press & Lunge Pass Throughs
12 Squats & Gallopping
12 Plank Row & Farmers Walk
12 Med Ball Slams & running with MB OH
12 Thrusters & Lateral Shuffle
12 Russian Twist & High Knees
12 Sit Ups & Butt Kicks


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